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IFF Health to Enter Strategic Collaboration With BY-HEALTH

Albion Minerals®

IFF Health (Shanghai, China) has announced a strategic partnership for R&D of anti-aging ingredients with BY-HEALTH Co., a Chinese maker of dietary supplements and raw materials. This multinational, Asia-Pacific company was founded in 2002 and has adhered to a differentiated global quality strategy.

According to the World Health Organization, by 2050 the global population of people over the age of 60 will more than double to 2 billion. Economic stresses and increasingly better health and nutrition will combine to keep these seniors working and active. Moreover, the population of those living past 80 years is projected to nearly triple to almost half a billion.

While the senior population continues to grow and consumers are living longer, 57 percent of global consumers expect to be fit and healthy in old age, according to Euromonitor. To keep the healthy but aging balance required, it is paramount to focus on developing ingredients and technologies that truly support this rapidly expanding demographic.

Together, IFF Health and BY-HEALTH are researching the production and international development of science-based anti-aging ingredient formulations. The formulations will have a special focus on fighting cellular oxidative stress, support of intracellular health such as of the mitochondria, and telomerase research, according to the companies. Telomeres are the repetitive nucleotide sequences that cap chromosomes and protect them from deterioration or from fusing with neighboring chromosomes and preventing healthy cell replication and turnover. They have been identified as being key factors in the process of aging.

“Our purpose at IFF Health demands more than just being a healthy ingredients company,” says Raimund Hoenes, PhD, general manager IFF Health. “This requires a committed partner to put uncommon sense to work in order to reinvent and refocus our industry. But more than giving consumers new products to support their healthy lifestyle, it’s also about how we deliver that capacity. BY-HEALTH’s focus on innovative research and development matches our commitment to quality, safety, science, and innovation. We’re honored to partner with BY-HEALTH and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

As a collaborative effort committed to, and driven by, scientific research, the IFF Health and BY-HEALTH teams will investigate ingredient synergies that will not only be marked by high efficacy but superior applicability to better-for-you food and beverage applications.

For more information, visit www.iff-health.com.

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