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IFF Health Introduces Resource Hub to Drive


IFF Health (Madison, WI) is has introduced a new website that brings together the expanded capabilities of the newly Howarumerged IFF Health and HOWARU businesses. This resource hub is a launchpad designed to provide brand partners and co-manufacturers deep technical insights, updated market intelligence and comprehensive microbiome innovation resources.

Industry players in the microbiome space know that sourcing for efficacious, targeted strains and formulating them in exciting new delivery formats is the only way to remain competitive in the rapidly expanding supplement market. Users will be able to read about the science behind probiotic strains, extensive clinical trials that back consumer benefits and identify personalized strains and formulations for their target audience.

“Whether you’re just getting started in the microbiome space or you’re an established manufacturer, product intelligence is a value-add,” said Natalia Melo, North America commercial marketing manager, IFF Health. “Our goal was to create a go-to hub that empowers brands to understand the full life cycle of a strain and formulation development and equip them with the resources needed to feel confident in formulating their next-level product.”

Site users can tune in to “What’s the Gut?”, a monthly podcast series that focuses on harnessing the power of microbiome innovation and intelligence, targeting emerging brands and product categories. There are also on-demand immersive virtual educational summits with content that addresses users’ market needs. EMERGE provides emerging brands the keys to unlock potential growth and sustainability in a competitive market, EVOLVE investigates the latest microbiome innovations for established manufacturers, and EMPOWER equips co-manufacturers with essential solutions to expand their brand in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Brand owners looking to personalize their products can explore probiotics and botanicals combinations with IFF’s market-ready health and wellness solutions, and learn about the endless possibilities for finished formats at the IFF Health Concept Lab.

“The revamped site provides customized resources including regulatory and technical expertise and support for supplement co-manufacturers seeking to develop innovative formulations for their customers,” said Jennifer Montgomery, global brand manager, IFF Health. “By helping users expand their knowledge of emerging strains and formulations, we’re equipping them with the strategies needed to succeed in the ever-evolving health and wellness space.”

For more information, visit www.howaru.com/businesspartnersmain/.


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