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Neptune’s Production Ramp-up on Target

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Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. (Laval, QC Canada) announced that its Sherbrooke plant is now operating at an annualized production capacity of 50 metric tons.

“Production levels are on target and we continue to focus on reaching full operating capacity of 150 metric tons of krill oil annually at the end of a three-month ramp-up period,” said André Godin, interim president and CEO, Neptune. “Customer demand for our premium krill oil, NKO®, remains firm. Before commencing customer shipments, additional tests on the krill oil will be performed to ensure quality standards are being met.”

Announced July 15, 2014, Neptune entered a three-month production ramp-up at its Sherbrooke plant. During this time, annualized production capacity is expected to grow in equal monthly increments of 50 metric tons, increasing from 50 metric tons at the end of the first month, to 150 metric tons at the end of the third month, reported the company.

For more information, visit www.neptunekrilloil.com.

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