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NIE’s Most Popular Stories of 2020


It comes as no surprise that Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) magazine’s most popular articles this year covered the COVID-19 pandemic. From its impact on the industry itself to how suppliers adjusted to the drastic change, there was no shortage of news regarding the pandemic and its relation to the natural ingredients industry. Also popular was the NIE Awards 2020 announcement, as well as news regarding immune system and cardiovascular health, which are also critical during the age of COVID-19. See below for this year’s most popular articles:

Impact of Coronavirus on the Natural Products Industry
The new strain of coronavirus grabbing headlines and generating health concerns around the world was given an official name by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Feb. 11, 2020: COVID-19….read more.

NIE Awards 2020
Two years ago, the staff of Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) was looking for a way to highlight the most cutting-edge and advanced natural branded nutritional ingredients backed by science, and thus, the NIE Awards were born….read more.

New Study Confirms Vitamin K Status Marker Link to Cardio Risk
Clinical Biochemistry recently published a Danish population study that examined the link between inactive matrix Gla protein (MGP), a known biomarker for K-vitamins status, and cardiovascular risk and concluded that…read more.

Dietary Supplement Usage Up Dramatically During Pandemic, New Ipsos-CRN Survey Shows
The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has issued results of a COVID-19-focused consumer survey that discovered more than two in five (43 percent) of dietary supplement users have changed their supplement routines since the start of the pandemic….read more.

Natural Ingredient Suppliers and Manufacturers Adjust to COVID-19 Fight
With the number of cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) growing by the day and a number of states enforcing “shelter-in-place” orders, natural product manufacturers and ingredient suppliers are adjusting their practices to meet the new realities of working during a pandemic….read more.

Experts Get Brand-specific About Immune and Seasonal Health
Nutrition Industry Executive asked our panel of experts the following question: “Briefly summarize, in a few paragraphs, the research behind your main immune-health product or ingredient.” Here’s what they had to say…read more.

Alkemist Labs Issues Warning to Industry on “Dry Reporting”
Alkemist Labs (Garden Grove, CA) has found some ingredient suppliers and marketing companies have been altering valid lab reports and using those falsified reports to promote their products….read more.

The Coronavirus Impact on the Nutrition Industry Supply Chain
The coronavirus pandemic has and will continue to present challenges for the natural products industry and supply chain management as we look ahead. However, in the face of these ongoing trials, existing best practices and new valuable lessons being learned are creating…read more.

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