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NPA Modernizes and Strengthens Bylaws

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The Natural Products Association (NPA) has announced the approval of new bylaws that will govern and steer the organization into the future. The new bylaws were approved by the full membership on February 17, 2017.

“NPA has being growing and doing more with less over the last three years. In order to sustain that growth for the future, a new bylaws structure was necessary and approved by an overwhelming majority of both the current board and full membership alike to ensure NPA has the architecture to grow and continue to meet the challenges of the future. It is well known that NPA leads the industry in advocacy, member services, education/training and providing regulatory assistance, but we are looking to these bylaws to become a model for association governance and a beacon of fiduciary strength in the future,” said Daniel Fabricant, executive director and CEO of NPA.

“These new bylaws will help us build on the achievements of this 80-year-old association and maintain our position as the premier association for natural products in both the short- and long-term,” Fabricant continued. “The story NPA has been able to share over the past 80 years is one of defending the entire industry, protecting businesses, and growing this industry. The new bylaws will govern our progress over the next century. As our membership continues to grow, so too will our association’s strength. As we work to protect and advance the common goals of the natural products industry, we will continue to maintain a very balanced and diverse membership, as NPA is still one member, one vote, as it has always been.”

One of the bigger changes in the bylaws reduced the size of the board from 22 directors down to nine, eliminating the need for a separate but smaller executive committee to move association business. The bylaws also expand what this Association has traditionally allowed as retailers and suppliers to avoid excluding potential revenue sources.

Other changes include:

  • The general powers and duties of the Board of Directors and it’s officers have been updated to better reflect the duties and governance of a volunteer board primed for growth.
  • Annual dues will be paid in January to allow the president/CEO, formerly executive director/CEO, and staff to develop an accurate, balanced budget on an annual basis in order to preserve the association’s assets for the future.
  • Streamlines the process for amending bylaws to make the association adaptable to changes to better meet the needs of a fast-growing and changing industry.
  • New governance polices have been put in place for the way business will be conducted at Board of Directors meetings.

NPA’s previous bylaws, originally adopted in 1987, were revised 36 times over a span of three decades.  The new bylaws streamlines NPA’s governance document from 26 pages to 13, bringing them more in line with modern trade associations.

For more information, visit www.npainfo.org.


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