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NPA Northwest Re-incorporates as Positively Natural

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Introducing Positively Natural, a not for profit trade association focused on cultivating the connection between natural product wholesalers and retailers by presenting opportunities for members to network, increase sales and knowledge, while creating and supporting grassroots advocacy for legislation that positively affects the sale of natural products, enhances nutritional intakes, optimizes the health and the well-being of humans, and reinforces good ecological standards.

Previously incorporated in 1972 and later affiliated with the Natural Products Association (NPA) as Natural Products Association Northwest, President Lorraine Hoffman, CNC, has announced the February 28, 2018 decision of the members to dissolve the association with NPA and re-incorporate as Positively Natural. “The landscape of the natural products industry is changing rapidly. Thus, the Northwest is evolving. Advocacy and education have been hallmarks of the Northwest region and they will continue to be but now with more vigor,” said Hoffman.

Re-incorporating as Positively Natural concludes the long-time charter between the two associations. “We are proud of our past collaboration with the NPA and look forward to working together with many industry leaders that share common goals with our new association,” said Stephanie Juhl, Positively Natural executive director. Positively Natural will continue to produce an annual educational conference and trade show called Positively Natural Marketplace and plans to add other localized events throughout year.

“There are many organizations in this industry that have similar goals to ours,” Hoffman stated. “They perform their duties worldwide, nationally, regionally or locally with all stages being important to bring accurate, clear and comprehensive information, material and goods to retailers and to ultimately affect change in their customers lives. As we depart from being an adjunct to the NPA we look forward to new and renewed relationships within this great industry.”

For more information, visit www.positivelynatural.org.

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