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Plasma Nutrition Expands Research Partnership with USF


Florida-based Plasma Nutrition has announced that it has expanded its research partnership with the University of South Florida (USF) and the Florida High Tech Corridor to further investigate the impact of Ingredient Optimization technology on bioavailability, with the launch of four more clinical trials. This study will also mark the first clinical trial of Ingredient Optimization technology on a non-protein application.

The partnership for continued research builds upon a successful study authored by lead researcher Dr. Bill Campbell and his team at the USF’s Performance and Physique Enhancement Laboratory, which was presented in June at the Annual Conference of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

“The Performance and Physique Enhancement Laboratory research team is excited to be partnering with Plasma Nutrition to continue to study its uniquely processed protein,” said Campbell.  “We will be looking at the bioavailability of the plasma processed protein and it will be a great complement to our first investigation.”

The upcoming studies will focus on the enhanced bioavailability of Ingredient Optimized nutritional products across multiple applications. In addition to expanding its research on whey protein, Plasma Nutrition will also be comparing the bioavailability of ioProtein to a high DH hydrolyzed protein, adapting the process to improve plant protein bioavailability, and demonstrating the first non-protein application of this patent-pending technology.

“With these studies, we are excited to solidify the ability of our technology to create the highest bioavailability whey protein, as well as demonstrate the technology’s flexibility not just on plant proteins but other food ingredients as well,” said Plasma Nutrition’s co-founder Steve Motosko.

From an environmental and consumers perspective, a scalable technology that allows the formulation of supplements with less protein, higher bioavailability, and fewer calories can make protein production more sustainable and help create truly differentiated products for sports nutrition, weight management and clinical nutrition.

“The commitment of Dr. Campbell’s team and the FHTC to rigorous research with great commercial significance aligns closely with our company’s mission of creating real consumer value through advanced science and technology,” said Plasma Nutrition’s co-founder Chris Flynn Rozanski.

For more information please visit www.becomeio.com.

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