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Qualitas Health Partners With Grupo Indukern and Gullspång Re:food

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Qualitas Health, Ltd., DBA iwi, announces a partnership with Grupo Indukern, Barcelona (Spain), and Gullspång Re:food VC, Stockholm (Sweden). These strategic partnerships enable Qualitas Health to accelerate company growth through development of innovative, algae-centered products and increase its footprint in the plant-based products market.

With the consolidation of sizeable investment by the two entities, the partnerships close Round A funding for Qualitas. In addition, this alliance opens direct access for iwi to the investors’ advanced facilities and teams, along with their expertise.

“We are delighted that Grupo Indukern and Gullspång Re:food are joining the Qualitas enterprise and participated in our investment round,” said Miguel Calatayud, CEO of Qualitas Health. “Both companies bring decades of experience and deep knowledge of our markets to Qualitas and will be key participants in our growing success.”

“Qualitas has a great story to tell,” added Peter Odemark, a Gullspång Re:food managing partner. “It’s algae is cultivated in impressive pond systems built on nonarable land in the desert, place minimal footprint on the natural ecosystem, harnessing natural sun-power for energy and utilizing saltwater, while creating jobs in rural communities. We share the same values and vision for creating a better future, better nutrition and to protect the planet.”

Gullspång Re:food VC comes with a track record in foodTech companies that contribute to a more resilient food system. Prior examples include Oatly and N!CK’S.

Grupo Indukern is a well-established, family-owned business focused on chemicals (Indukern, including food solutions and flavors), animal health products (Calier) and pharmaceuticals (Kern Pharma).

“Grupo Indukern and Gullspång Re:food are the perfect partners for the current scaling stage,” said Calatayud. “They bring know-how and expertise, to iwi’s existing supplement business and wider recognition of our newly developed Nannochloropsis algae protein. They also provide a global vision, a distribution platform for Europe and other countries and regions, and unique expertise in plant-based proteins and finished products. Their knowledge, skilled technological team, and advanced technologies will help in conducting clinical research and accelerate the regulatory process for Europe.”

The new, marine-based protein ingredient and products line will be launched in 2022. Sourced fromNannochloropsis algae, iwi protein boasts the full complement of essential amino acids and vital nutrients. “Our protein contains all the essential amino acids and each of them meets or exceeds the FAO recommended amount and we have more total essential amino acids than egg and whey, considered gold standards in protein,” the company stated. iwi protein also has the highest content of branched-chain amino acids, which we use for building muscles. The highly bioavailable plant-based protein is soluble in water and is very mild in terms of texture, flavor and aroma. Main markets for this sustainable, marine-source algae protein include: personalized nutrition, high-performance sport nutrition products, and adult nutrition for protein deficiencies.

For more information, visit www.iwilife.com.

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