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Rafael Costa, Vice President of the Americas

Rafael Costa Rafael Costa

ACG North America
262 Old New Brunswick Rd., #A
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Website: www.acg-world.com

Rafael Costa, ACG’s vice president of the Americas, has more than 28 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors. He has led cross-functional divisions across diverse regions including North America and South America, overseeing customer service, sales, project management and business development.

ACG, a global leader in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solutions, focuses on innovation and unwavering quality. With a spotlight on capsules, cutting-edge equipment and advanced packaging solutions, ACG has redefined industry standards, setting new benchmarks in product delivery, the company stated.

For more than six decades, ACG has remained at the forefront of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical advancements, specializing in capsule manufacturing, state-of-the-art equipment, and personalized packaging. This comprehensive approach ensures products maintain the highest integrity standards while delivering optimal efficacy to consumers.

An integral part of the ACG family, Vantage Nutrition shares this dedication to excellence. Leveraging ACG’s expertise and resources, Vantage Nutrition introduces cutting-edge solutions to the nutraceutical sector.

NIE: Vantage Nutrition, an ACG company, recently acquired ComboCap and AquaCap. What does this expansion mean for the company?

Costa: The recent acquisitions of ComboCap and AquaCap signify a notable expansion for Vantage Nutrition, North America, an ACG company. These acquisitions underscore Vantage Nutrition’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities and offerings as a partner to consumers in the health and wellness sector.

By integrating ComboCap’s distinctive dual-chamber capsule technology and AquaCap’s specialized encapsulation solutions, Vantage Nutrition gains access to cutting-edge innovations that align with its mission of providing advanced and diverse products to consumers.

This expansion equips Vantage Nutrition with a broader range of solutions to meet the evolving preferences of consumers in the health and wellness industry. The incorporation of these acquired technologies and expertise allows Vantage Nutrition to further establish itself as a leader in delivering quality products that cater to a variety of consumer needs.

In essence, the acquisitions of ComboCap and AquaCap highlight Vantage Nutrition’s dedication to growth, innovation, and its ongoing role as a consumer-focused partner in the health and wellness space. As part of the ACG family, Vantage Nutrition continues to strengthen its position in delivering enhanced offerings that align with the ever-changing demands of consumers.

NIE: Please explain “Sidebysides” technology.

Costa: Sidebysides Capsule Technology reimagines the way products are delivered. Developed by a team of experts over a decade, this unique process has garnered two patents and an impressive 80 patent awards worldwide.

At its core, Sidebysides features a movable membrane diaphragm, allowing the simultaneous delivery of substances that were previously incompatible. This innovation opens doors to enhanced dual-delivery products, combining essential water and fat-based liquids to optimize ingredient absorption and efficacy.

With a focus on efficiency and benefits, Sidebysides Capsules have the potential to reduce doses and minimize side effects, maximizing the value of active ingredients. Ongoing research dedicated to this technology aims to further elevate its impact.

Showcasing its formulation prowess, Sidebysides boasts a portfolio of over 300 formulations, set to redefine product innovation through an upcoming new-features roll-out program. Supported by a comprehensive range of services, including patenting, technology development, manufacturing and regulatory compliance, Sidebysides collaborates with global brands to ensure success.

In essence, Sidebysides Capsule Technology is a game-changer, revolutionizing the landscape of product delivery with innovation, efficiency and enhanced benefits.

NIE: Please summarize the ACG Care Foundation.

Costa: The ACG Care Foundation exemplifies ACG’s profound commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. It represents the company’s comprehensive approach to making a positive impact beyond business endeavors.

By leveraging its resources, expertise and efforts, the foundation actively supports various initiatives aimed at creating positive change. Across education, health care, environment and social well-being, the ACG Care Foundation seeks opportunities to leave a meaningful and enduring impact on the communities it serves.

Scholarships for deserving students and health care programs for those in need are among the many ways the foundation touches lives. Collaborating with local organizations, the foundation enhances its reach and effectiveness, aiming to generate a widespread positive influence.

In essence, the ACG Care Foundation embodies ACG’s commitment to extending care and compassion beyond its business scope. These purpose-driven initiatives not only contribute to society’s betterment but also set an example of responsible corporate citizenship, aligning seamlessly with ACG’s core values of quality, innovation and sustainability.