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Sensus Plans to Expand Production Capacity

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To keep up with the rising demand of chicory inulin market led by growing consumer preference toward healthier food ingredients, Sensus (The Netherlands) has committed significant capital for expansion of its production capacity starting in 2021. The planned investments will be matched by Sensus contracting increased acreage for chicory roots with its farmer base.

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Consumer research of the past few years shows that consumers are more conscientious about maintaining and improving their health, a trend that has gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company noted. The demand for better-for-you food products, especially those positively affecting gut and immune health, is drastically increasing and there are no signs that this will subside. Besides the improved health benefits, consumers are more aware than ever of the origin of their foods and prefer natural, plant-based food products for their healthy indulgences.

More than just an effective fat and sugar replacer, the plant-based prebiotic chicory root fibers contributes to a healthy microbiome, stimulating our health and general well-being. Because of its unique properties, chicory root fiber is also helpful in improving the taste and texture of plant-based products. Chicory root fiber is therefore sought out by a growing number of manufacturers to create great tasting healthy food products. Mentioned as ingredient of the year 2020, the chicory inulin market has seen rapid growth and the peak is still ahead, according to the company.

To meet the strong increase in demand for chicory root fiber, Sensus has accelerated implementation of already planned investments. Significant capital has been committed in terms of added production capacity that will come online in summer 2021. “I am pleased and excited that Sensus is taking this important step, providing the consumers with more of the natural ingredients Frutafit and Frutalose chicory root fiber, allowing them to make the healthier food choices,” said Iwan Blankers, CEO at Sensus.

Additional acreage for the 2021 campaign has already been contracted, commensurate with production capacity growth.

For more information, visit www.inspiredbyinulin.com.

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