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Studies Show RipFactor and Dynagenix Improve Muscle Health

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In two double-blind clinical trials subjects taking RipFactor by PLT Health Solutions (Morristown, NJ) had significant improvements in muscle endurance, strength, muscle size and lean body mass compared to placebo.

“These effects were observed in both resistance-trained healthy men and in untrained men performing bench press, cable pull-down, leg press and dynamometer (grip strength) tests,” said Steve Fink, vice president of marketing for PLT Health Solutions. “Statistically significant improvements are documented after just two weeks and continue to improve throughout the length of the two-month studies.”

The trials were both eight weeks long with subjects evaluated in the gym three times per week.

The men in the Study 1 group were recreationally active and familiar with resistance training whereas the men in the Study 2 group were not, according to Fink. Study 1 used RipFactor at 650 mg (ultra-performance) whereas Study 2 used two doses: 425 mg (standard performance) and 850 mg (ultra-performance).

According to Fink, both the 650 mg and 850 mg doses contained the same number of actives, the only difference being the amount of excipient.

Dynagenix, on the other hand, examined a range of issues relevant to sports performance including comfort, strength, recovery, exertion perception and physiological biomarkers. In a 2019 study, 50 recreationally active men, aged 25-40, were studied for their responses to exercise-related delayed-onset muscle soreness.

The men were given 60 mg of Dynagenix across 10 days. Eccentric exercise intervention was given on the seventh day with recovery measured on the remaining three days.

Fink said the study demonstrated Dynagenix supplementation resulted in a significant reduction in muscle soreness during squats compared to placebo.

“In parallel, Dynagenix supplementation also improved the recovery strength (1RM leg extension) and knee range of motion when compared to placebo,” Fink said. “Notably, Dynagenix supplementation also alleviated knee soreness (joint recovery) in the participants.”

See charts on right for some of the results of the study on Dynagenix.

For more information, visit www.plthealth.com.