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Essential Fatty Acids

EFAs: Essential for Health

December 1, 2022

Essential fatty acids are important for maintaining several aspects of health. As consumer awareness of their benefits [...]

The Omega-3 Revolution

December 1, 2021

Quality, science, sustainability and innovation have ushered in a brand-new age for omega-3s and essential fatty acids. The [...]

Focusing on the Essentials

July 14, 2020

EFAs continue to be a mainstay in the natural products industry in more ways than one. Perhaps it’s obvious to some, but [...]

EFA’s Turning Tide

December 2, 2019

Consumer awareness is demanding the EFA supplement market make positive changes. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) have swum far [...]

EFA Essentials

December 5, 2018

As consumers become more educated, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers are creating products that address their concerns. [...]