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Talking Kaneka Probiotics With Jordi Riera

Gut-Brain Axis Gut-Brain Axis

Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) reached out to Jordi Riera, chief business development officer, Kaneka Probiotics (Pasadena, TX and Newark, CA) to talk more about the gut-brain axis.

NIE: Talk about ingredient innovation, tips/ideas for manufacturers to keep in mind when selecting ingredients and/or formulating new products.

Riera: With research in the gut-brain axis rapidly evolving, innovative product development requires the consideration of many crucial aspects, including:

Quality probiotic strains: Selecting high-quality, clinically tested, and robustly validated probiotic strains is crucial when formulating a gut-brain axis product. Probiotic strains that have been researched in randomized, placebo-controlled studies with significant and clinically meaningful results helps to ensure that products are safe and provide real health benefits.

Precision: At Kaneka Probiotics, we pride ourselves on what we call our “Precision Probiotics.” Each of our strains is selected through a rigorous process to provide a targeted health benefit. Selecting a strain that has been studied in both preclinical research and a randomized, well-controlled clinical trial targeting the gut-brain axis, such as Lactobacillus plantarum DR7 in Mindbiome Plus, is essential for achieving optimal results.

Formula combinations: Efficient and synergistic combinations of probiotic strains and other dietary ingredients help us provide products with well-supported benefits that go beyond the probiotic itself. At Kaneka Probiotics, our database of long-term stability data helps us select complementary dietary ingredients that will not hinder the viability of our probiotic strains, ensuring high-quality and efficient products. Our Research and Development department is continuously working to continue growing our stability database, to enable further product innovation.