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Talking Men’s Health With Annie Eng

Men’s Health Men’s Health

Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) magazine talked men’s health ingredients with Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients in Bradenton, FL (https://hpingredients.com)

NIE: Heart health is without a doubt important to men. Manufacturers, give a brief example of an ingredient or finished product that effectively supports men’s health.

Bergamonte BPE Complex Citrus bergamia risso (bergamot) is a proprietary, patented extract with supporting evidence for its effective use in cardiometabolic support. Its extensive portfolio of research shows that it helps support healthy cholesterol levels, healthy blood glucose levels, enhances nitric oxide production, and supports cardiometabolic status.

In one study, 237 individuals consumed Bergamot Polyphenolic Fraction (BPF) standardized to 30 percent naringin, neoeriocitricin, neohesperidin, melitidin and brutelidin or placebo daily for 30 days. All individuals were given either placebo (500 mg maltodextrin + 50 mg ascorbic acid), or (500 mg BPF + 50 mg ascorbic acid) or (1,000 mg BPF + 100 mg ascorbic acid) daily for 30 days.

The researchers showed that BPF favorably impacted total cholesterol, LDL and HDL. No significant changes in the mean cholesterol parameters were recorded after 30 days in the placebo groups. Further, the researchers observed significant reduction in triglyceride levels. The effect on HDL was very striking: 22.3 percent to 40.1 percent increase (Mollace, Fitoterapia 82 2011).

A randomized placebo-controlled study of 77 individuals all with elevated LDL and triglyceride levels showed that, compared to placebo, several dose amounts of BPE Complex appeared to support cholesterol management, as well as triglycerides; no changes were found in the placebo group. This study showed that 1000 mg of BPF exerted a vasoprotective action via its antioxidant ability, enhanced the reduction in triglycerides, and increased HDL (Gliozzi, International Journal of Cardiology, 2013).

NIE: Tongkat ali has science suggesting it helps with sports and endurance, sex and libido, weight loss and mood and andropause. Give a brief update on a proprietary extract derived from it.

In 2021, we have had four human clinical studies published linking LJ100 to men’s testosterone adequacy.

One showed improvements in sexual satisfaction, desire and in erectile function in men with ADAM (Leitao, Maturitas 2021); another showed increased strength in the same cohort (Leitao, Compl. Ther Clin Pract 2021). A third study found that supplementing with 200 mg LJ100 increased the serum total testosterone, reduced fatigue and improvd the quality of life in ageing men within two weeks (Chinnappan, Food and Nut Res. 2021), and the fourth study showed that younger men who consumed 600 mg LJ100 daily for two weeks showed increased testosterone (Chan, Andrologia 2021).

One ingredient that addresses both testosterone production and weight is CitruSlim, a proprietary blend of a full-spectrum Italian citrus bergamot polyphenolic extract (Bergamonte) and LJ100 for supporting healthy metabolic function, resulting in accelerated fat and weight loss. This is attractive for men who are middle-aged and are engaging in fitness to keep in shape.

NIE: Regarding mobility, what are the top one or two stand-out ingredients for joint health?

ParActin Andrographis paniculata is the most researched andrographis for joint support and concurrent inflammation management.

ParActin is a patented extract of Andrographis paniculata, standardized to andrographolide, 14 deoxyandrographolide, and neo-andrographolide. ParActin inhibits NF-kB activity, by reducing its natural inclination to bind to DNA, thereby reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines such as COX-2 and prostaglandins that cause joint discomfort. In vitro research showed ParActin to be a natural COX-2 inhibitor without the typical side effects associated with prescription COX-2 inhibitors.

A 2019 human clinical trial of 103 adults with reduced knee mobility showed significant reduction in pain scores at days 28, 56 and 84 in those who consumed both small doses (300 mg) and higher doses (600 mg) of ParActin per day. The authors concluded that consuming ParActin at either dose was effective in managing joint health (Hancke, Phytotherapy Research 2019).