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Alkemist Labs’ Elan Sudberg and “Next-Generation Transparency”

Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

(NIE) spoke with Elan Sudberg, CEO of Garden Grove, CA-based Alkemist Labs, and here’s what he had to say about what he calls “Next Generation Transparency:”

“There’s an emerging movement I call ‘Next Generation Transparency,’ which is propelled by consumers who want to know more about the ingredients, like how they were grown, processed and tested.

“To be in the forefront of satisfying these consumers, brands should work with labs that are as transparent as transparent can be.

“We’re starting to see clients share our lab results with consumers, which we think is exciting and an obvious step ahead.

“We developed a consumer-friendly C of A (certificate of analysis) that’s easier for non-QA (quality assurance) people to understand, and clients can get this, in addition to the more technical report, just by asking us.

“I truly believe that the days of keeping your lab’s identity secret are just about over. Why would you want to?

If you shout about your quality from the rooftops, wouldn’t you want the testing lab confirming that quality to be part of the story?”

For more information, visit www.alkemist.com.