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Sempera Organics and Alkemist Labs Collaberate to Advance Mushroom Testing & Innovations

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Nirmal Nair, CEO and Founder of Sempera Organics (Morgan Hill, CA), has announced that Sempera has signed a Sempera-Organics-Logo
collaboration agreement with Alkemist Labs (Garden Grove, CA) whereby testing protocols will be developed to advance research and commercialization of mushrooms for health and wellness. Sempera is also signing on the Alkemist Assured program to demonstrate the company’s supply chain transparency.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sempera and Alkemist will collaborate on various fronts geared toward improving and developing protocols for testing fungi-derived bio-actives and creating robust standards for measuring quality, purity and identity.

“Mycelium produces high quantities of beta glucans, dietary fibers and bioactive compounds, but current tests for these are often inaccurate, not reproducible or unavailable,” Dennis Desjardin, chief mycologist of Sempera Organics said. “Working with Alkemist we intend to develop new methods to accurately identify and quantify helpful compounds that will aid in producing ingredients standardized for specific bioactives and stimulate further research.”

“Fungi-forward applications are transforming the natural-sourced wellness landscape across supplements and functional food and beverages,” added Nair. “Of particular interest are cognition, immunity and gut flora health applications. Although there is a vast body of academic research into fungi such as lions mane, reishi and cordyceps, lack of sufficient testing and standardization beyond polysaccharides and beta glucans are needed for scientific and clinical trials for wider market adoption. “

Alkemist-Assured-LogoIn addition to the development of test methods, Sempera has signed on to the Alkemist Assured program, which requires that participant companies utilize Alkemist identity, potency, and contaminant testing services for raw material and blended ingredient quality in order to use the Alkemist Assured seal.

According to Elan Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs, a 25-year-old, ISO 17025-accredited, and DEA-registered Schedule 1, 2, 3n, 4 laboratory, its unique skill set focuses on plant and fungi analysis. “We are excited to collaborate with Sempera and contribute to bringing consensus and order to fungi ingredient validations, which is particularly important with such rapid growth in consumer demand,” said Sudberg. “Alkemist Labs focuses on plant and fungi analysis, including a commitment to ensuring accurate identity of material for regulatory compliance. Our firm belief that companies should be transparent about test results led to the Alkemist Assured program.”

Nair added that the goal of the partnership with Alkemist Labs is to further the science of mushroom bio-active testing and validation. “Alkemist aims to be the No. 1 testing house for fungi and we want to be the No. 1 mushroom ingredients supplier, so we intend our synergies to accelerate fungi ingredient adoption for natural wellness.”

For more information, visit www.semperaorganics.com or www.alkemist.com.

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