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Biova and Stauber Performance Ingredients Announce New Partnership

Albion Minerals®

Supplement brand owners and formulators who are looking for expanded delivery options for their joint health and beauty from within products can now ask their Stauber (Fullerton, CA) sales contact about Biova’s (Johnston, IA) water-soluble eggshell membrane ingredients. Biova’s ingredients are for joint health in humans (BiovaFlex) & pets (BiovaPlex), as well as for beauty-inside-out (BiovaBIO).

“Stauber’s mission to supply high-quality ingredients and innovative solutions with an exceptional level of customer service was a driving factor in choosing them as our partner,” said Biova CEO Pat Schneider. “We have been very impressed by the Stauber team and are excited about the exposure and awareness that Stauber can bring to our ingredients.”

Stauber is an ingredient distributor, offering their clients innovative and high-quality ingredients. “Biova’s ingredients are a great fit with our existing portfolio. The Biova ingredients align alongside our key Stauber products with transparency and vertical integration of sourcing and manufacturing,” noted Shirley Rozeboom, senior vice president for Stauber. “Customers searching for scientifically backed ingredients for joint health, beauty, paleo and ketogenic formulations will benefit from incorporating Biova’s ingredients into their product lines.”

For more information, visit www.biova.com or www.stauberusa.com.

Albion Minerals®