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Efficient Regulatory Structure Critical to Protecting Consumers and Public Health, says NPA


The Natural Products Association (NPA) has called for a streamlined and efficient regulatory structure to protect consumers and public health as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implements its “Comprehensive, Multi-Year Nutrition Innovation Strategy.”

“NPA supports the goals of FDA in its plans for the Multi-Year Nutrition Innovation Strategy and its efforts to promote public health and foster the development of healthier food options,” said Daniel Fabricant, PhD, president and CEO of NPA.  “The increased demand for natural products means that a streamlined and efficient regulatory structure is critical in order to protect consumers and public health. We are pleased to work with FDA and the Trump Administration to ensure that health-conscious American consumers have access to the products they use every day.”

In its comments, NPA commented on the following four areas from FDA’s notice to stakeholders in the Federal Register:

  • Creating a more efficient review strategy for evaluating qualified health claims on food labels
  • Discussing new or enhanced labeling statements or claims that could facilitate innovation to produce more healthful foods and more healthful consumer food choices
  • Modernizing the standards of identity to provide more flexibility for the development of healthier products, while making sure consumers have accurate information about these food products
  • Providing opportunities to make ingredient information more helpful to consumers

For more information, visit www.npanational.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/NPA-Comments-FDA-Multi-Year-Nutrition-Innovation-Strategy-final.pdf or www.regulations.gov/document?D=FDA-2018-N-2381-0317.


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