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Industry Forecast: A Natural Progression

Industry Forecast Industry Forecast

Market research and trends firm, the Mintel Group (Chicago, IL), provided insights for Nutrition Industry Executive’s January/February 2020 “Industry Forecast” feature.

According to the Mintel Group report, Vitamins and Minerals, U.S., September 2019, brands have been “transitioning to labels that boldly highlight the key benefits of specific vitamins and minerals.”

Clean Ingredients, Personalized Options, Values

“More consumers are demanding clean, recognizable ingredients,” noted the Vitamins and Minerals report. “With the vast majority of consumers taking vitamins and minerals, the market will continue to grow at a steady pace.”

In addition, Mintel observes that younger adults are also demanding more natural and personalized choices, and so “brands will need to adapt and expand their offerings” accordingly.

What follows is a breakdown of the percent of people surveyed for whom these values are important:

• No preservatives: 41 percent
• Naturally derived: 39 percent
• Organic: 36 percent
• Non-GMO (genetically modified organism): 36 percent
• Whole-food: 27 percent
• Plant-derived: 24 percent
• Free from major allergens: 24 percent
• Vegan: 11 percent

The Importance of Sustainability

And according to the Mintel Trend report, Evergreen Consumption, “A movement is growing that defines sustainability as a circular endeavor that incorporates the entire life of a product, from ingredient sourcing at the beginning to package disposal at the end.”

“This circular view,” Evergreen Consumption report added, “will require collaboration at every stage to ensure the vitamin and mineral industry is a sustainable as possible.”

For more information, visit www.mintel.com.