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Lief Labs Announces Launch of Its Lief Raws Nutraceutical Ingredient Supplier Division


Lief Labs has announced the launch of its Lief Raws division, a quality-driven and science-focused performance ingredient supplier providing forward-thinking ingredients to the continuously adapting nutraceuticals market. The premium products available through Lief Raws include innovative, in-house developed ingredients, as well as specialty ingredients through Lief Raws’ collaborative partnerships with trusted brands, according to the company.

Lief Raws provides sales and distribution services and a range of full-service capabilities to its partners, including product formulation, scientific education, marketing and ideation development. Lief Raws also features its Lief Evolutions offerings, which provide innovative product formats, such as functionality and experiential technologies, designed to enable Lief Raws’ customers to have a novel point of differentiation in the marketplace. Lief Evolutions’ first offering is Biozomal, which is a liposomal technology. This liposomal technology can be applied to a range of ingredients, including caffeine, zinc, vitamin C and iron, among others.*

The featured specialty ingredients currently available through Lief Raws include:

• Biozomal Caffeine

• CeleVida Celery Powder

• CellFlo6 Green Tea Extract

• floli Organic Rice-based Excipient Blend

• Kocha Bucha Kombucha Powder

• oatzi Oatmilk Powder

• Actiponin Patented Jiaogulan Extract (Coming Soon)

“We developed Lief Raws with the needs of our customers, vendors, and end-consumers strongly in mind, and a goal of delivering an elevated experience that goes well beyond traditional ingredients and delivery formats,” said Tito Sanchez, senior sales executive for Lief Raws. “Our practice of continuously engaging with, and truly listening to our partners, enables us to understand their evolving needs and strategically determine the new ingredients, formats and innovations we should pursue. We are very excited to introduce Lief Raws and a robust line-up of ingredients and delivery formats to the nutraceuticals marketplace, and we look forward to continuing to grow our partnership base.”

For more information, visit www.liefraws.com.