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Nutra Natural Advantage™ Nutra Natural Advantage™

As the nutritional supplement sector continues to flourish, the desire for products containing naturally derived, familiar, and easily recognizable ingredients is growing. In response, manufacturers are looking for efficient and consistent production practices, delivering label friendly finished goods and, at the same time, meeting complex regulatory requirements.

The Natural Route

If you are a brand manager or research and development leader, you know delivering a reliable and high-quality product consumers want and trust is critical to the success of your brand. However, there are subtle as well as stark differences that can impact consumer choice. Label friendly ingredients are becoming a must-have and visual appearance such as shape, size, and color all play a significant role in distinguishing your product and gaining consumer preference.


Due to the type of ingredients used in these products, nutritional and dietary supplement manufacturers are commonly using compounds with unpleasant tastes and odors. The tablet can be difficult to compress, resulting in fragile tablet cores that break easily and there can be shelf-life implications due to moisture and oxygen-sensitive ingredients.

Producers are looking to overcome these challenges with more efficient and consistent manufacturing performance while meeting the increasing consumer demand for label friendly ingredients and the complex regulatory requirements of the food space.

Label Friendly Solutions

Label Friendly Solutions

Although clean label is growing due to consumer opinion, it is not specifically defined or regulated. A product is more likely to be considered clean label if the ingredients are fewer in number, recognizable and pronounceable, naturally derived (rather than artificial), non-GMO and sustainable.

As clean label demand continues to increase, the market must respond with alternative tablet ingredients and film coatings that can support label friendly claims.

Core to Coating

With a best-in-class range of tableting excipients and fully formulated coatings that meet label friendly needs, Colorcon provides the scope for nutritional manufacturers to reduce complexity and time-tomarket while delivering high-quality products consumers value and trust.

By utilizing carefully selected ingredients from commonly used food ingredients, or approved food additives that meet regulatory requirements, it is easy to confidently support clean label claims.

Starting with the tablet core, naturally derived Nutracore label friendly excipients™ provide manufacturers with compressibility and flow that deliver great final products.

Core to Coating

The replacement of multiple core ingredients in the formulation with Nutracore enables manufacturing simplification through easier flowing blends and direct compression for tableting. Speciality excipients, such as Starch 1500® partially gelatinized maize starch also help to stabilize the core by scavenging moisture and reducing degradation of the ingredients.

When it comes to branding, it is essential to consider the color and finish of your tablet. Color is extremely important from a marketing perspective because it increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent. The tablet finish, provides the consumer with high quality and recognizable products they can trust, and with so much choice available appearance is critical.

Coatings also play a functional role in shielding the consumer from unpleasant taste and odors, while protecting the tablet from environmental factors such as heat and light which can affect stability of the core ingredients.

Nutrafinish® Coating Systems provide food supplement manufacturers with the many benefits of film coating, while addressing increasing consumer demand for non-synthetic, label friendly ingredients.

Our Commitment

We understand manufacturers are looking for more efficient and consistent manufacturing performance for products while meeting consumer and regulatory demands. When you partner with Colorcon, you develop a finished nutritional or dietary supplement product with the competitive edge needed to drive your business growth.

Through our range of Nutrafinish® Coating Systems, modified starch, and label friendly excipients for tablets and capsules, we provide the nutritional industry with high quality, food-approved, label friendly solutions. These exceptional products are backed by our superior and dedicated global technical support, along with regulatory expertise.

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