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Sebastian Balcombe, Founder & CEO, Specnova

Sebastian Balcombe Sebastian Balcombe

8609 Westwood Center Dr., #110
Tysons Corner, VA 22182
Phone: (202) 780-6381

Specnova is the natural products industry’s leading innovator in applying advanced science/technology to develop superior supplement ingredients that improve and protect human health—enhancing nature’s potency and delivering optimal benefits to the consumer. The company is pioneering the next generation of ingredient delivery systems and stands at the cutting edge of advanced liposomal science validated with TruLiposome Technology.

With more than 25 years in the natural products industry and a Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry, Sebastian Balcombe approaches natural ingredients and delivery systems discovery and development through the lens of an experienced entrepreneur and innovative scientist. From in-silico computational chemistry for compound discovery to clinical research and IP development, he has launched more than 30 nutraceutical ingredients, multiple liposomal and beadlet delivery systems as well as the IP surrounding them.

NIE: Please discuss LipoVantage Advanced Liposomal Technology. What are the benefits?

Balcombe: Specnova’s next-generation liposomal ingredients provide superior bioavailability, solubility and stability in the body, providing 2-10 times more bioavailability of the active ingredients. Our proprietary DualHydrogel Technology, a protective shield unique to the active ingredient, further increases stability in the body, bioavailability, and shelf life. We guarantee the integrity of our liposomes through Specnova’s proprietary TruLiposome Validation testing process. This process includes four to six different testing methods that ensure every batch of liposomal ingredients is truly liposomal. Specnova is setting the standard for all liposomal products in the industry through our testing methods and guarantees. Specnova is the only company to scientifically validate all four liposome requirements. We also provide third-party documentation for our ingredients, and we believe that should be the standard for all legitimate liposome manufacturers.

NIE: A number of Specnova’s branded ingredients were recently granted Non-GMO Project Verified Status. What do certifications like this mean for the company?

Balcombe: We are proud that all of Specnova’s ingredients are non-GMO (genetically modified organism). We have partnered with The Non-GMO Project, North America’s most trusted third-party for non-GMO verification of food and supplement products, to support the consumer’s desire to know what’s in their food and supplements. We will continue to maintain optimal transparency through The Non-GMO Project as we gain non-GMO certification on the remainder of our branded ingredients.

NIE: Please talk about some of the recent studies on Specnova’s ingredients.

Balcombe: Research is extremely important to Specnova. We allocate significant resources toward research on our ingredients, including lab studies and clinical research. In 2023 we completed five clinical studies including four on NooGandha, our next-generation liposomal ashwagandha, plus one clinical study on LipoVantage advanced liposomal technology for vitamin C.

Research on NooGandha (four clinical studies)

• Mood Support: A randomized double-blind study found that only 225 mg daily of NooGandha improved fatigue, anxiety and sadness, reducing tension, confusion, anger and fatigue.

• Cognitive Function: Two randomized double-blind studies found that 225 mg daily of NooGandha improved cognitive performance over time with enhancements in: word recall and recognition, picture recall, reaction time, focus and digit vigilance (rapid visual tracking and accurate selection of stimuli).

• Safety Profile: A double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that 225 mg daily of NooGandha was well tolerated by healthy individuals. No significant changes were observed in blood counts, clinical markers and side effect frequency.

Research on Liposomal Vitamin C

• Our research on vitamin C has shown that LipoVantage liposomes dramatically increase vitamin C stability in the body. This translates as a significant enhancement in the amount of vitamin C available to be absorbed by the body.

• In a head-to-head comparison with a leading liposomal brand in the marketplace, Specnova’s advanced LipoVantage technology delivered 405 mg of vitamin C to the small intestines compared to only 290 mg from the competitor’s liposomal vitamin C—a 30 percent increase in the amount of vitamin C delivered!

In separate research, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human study found that compared to non-liposomal vitamin C, LipoVantage Vitamin C was 27 percent more bioavailable. In the same study, 20 percent more LipoVantage Liposomal Vitamin C was found in the white blood cells (leukocytes) as compared to non-liposomal vitamin C. In addition, LipoVantage Liposomal Vitamin C remained in the white blood cells for over 24 hours vs non-liposomal vitamin C. An increased amount of vitamin C in the white blood cells demonstrates that liposomal vitamin C can better reach the important immune-fighting cells of the body, thereby increasing the effectiveness of vitamin C performance.

NIE: Is there anything you would like to add?

Balcombe: Our ongoing research has revealed that up to 95 percent of liposomal products tested did not contain any liposomes whatsoever, which is a poor reflection on the entire natural products industry. The word “liposomal” becomes meaningless if consumers don’t experience the benefits of improved bioavailability promised on the label and in marketing materials. In this light, Specnova is committed to continuing to research and validate our ingredients through the rigorous TruLiposome four-step process and encourage others to do the same. By setting a higher standard for research and validation in liposomes and delivery systems in general, we’re taking much-needed steps to improve consumer confidence—the bottom line for the natural products industry. As we succeed in raising the bar, everyone benefits.