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Sleep & Relaxation Support—Continued

Sleep & Relaxation Sleep & Relaxation

Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) spoke with Kim Edwards, global product manager for Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, Des Moines, IA, www.kemin.com.

Here are her responses to two questions we posed to her regarding ingredients for sleep and relaxation support.

NIE: Sleep-support ingredients used to mainly include such ingredients as passionflower, chamomile, lemon balm, kava, valerian, hops, L-tryptophan and melatonin. Ingredients for anxiety or stress might include such ingredients as B-complex vitamins and, more recently, tea-derived L-theanine. By today’s standards, which of these ingredients have stood the test of time and the unblinking eye of science? What new ones have emerged?

Edwards: As people around the world have been dealing with effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic, consumers have turned their attention to supplements for their overall health and wellness.

According to a 2020 industry report, supplements for immunity and general health have seen large growth, however, so have categories of sleep and mental health/stress/mood. Consumers are becoming more interested in natural sleep remedies due to concerns with side effects, dependency and safety of prescription medications.1

Neumentix Phenolic Complex K110-42, an extract produced from Kemin’s patented spearmint varieties that is high in rosmarinic acid and over 50 polyphenols, meets the need for a safe and natural sleep aid.

Neumentix is not only for working-memory improvements but is also shown to support sleep. People who took Neumentix for benefits in working memory, found they fell asleep faster and easier at night. When taken in the morning, participants taking 900 mg of Neumentix reported that they got to sleep easier and faster at night compared to subjects who took a placebo.2

Neumentix is a proprietary, spearmint-based ingredient with a unique phenolic complex that has been clinically tested and shown to support working memory and attention in adults with continued use, without disrupting sleep.2-4

The advanced, patent-pending lines of spearmint (KI110 and KI42) used to produce Neumentix are certified sustainably grown in the USA by SCS Global Services.

With Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s ongoing research program, the patented spearmint that was grown to be high in rosmarinic acid and total polyphenols continues to be an exciting area of exploration in the sleep category.

NIE: What would you like to add?

Edwards: Kemin developed Neumentix from patent-pending, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified, spearmint plant lines. These plants are grown on family farms in the USA in accordance with good agricultural and sustainable farming practices. In fact, Kemin’s spearmint plants are the first spearmint to be certified sustainably grown in the USA.

These special plants serve as the source for this innovative dietary ingredient and others. The native polyphenolic profile of the leaves is harnessed through a patent-pending drying technology, which is followed by a gentle water-extraction method that preserves and maintains the natural phenolic constituents, which are greater than 50 in number. The resulting extract is dried and undergoes rigorous quality testing prior to release.

This exciting cognitive ingredient is targeted to not only support cognitive performance specifically, focus and working memory, but to also support the ability fall asleep quicker.

Additionally, looking closer at how key molecules in Neumentix may work, there are several potential mechanisms of action – antioxidant defenses, protection of existing neurons and growth of new neurons as well as through nerve transmission.

Look for new sleep research announcements from Kemin in the months to come.


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