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SPINS Data—Mood Support Trends: Vitamins and Supplements Offer Solutions to Boost Mental Health

Good Mood Support Good Mood Support

The stress caused by the pandemic has had an enormous impact on dietary supplement consumers. According to SPINS, “More people are working from home. Stress levels are high. Health is constantly on shoppers’ minds (and in the news). Brands are offering more products with functional ingredients as well as vitamins, minerals, and supplements to address a variety of wellness needs, such as mood support and cognitive health.” SPINS has noticed three trends in the mood support category. First, “stressed shoppers turn to adaptogens for relief and mood support.” It noted that “Mood support supplements are up 46 percent YOY [(year over year)] (MULO +SNE, 52 weeks ending 12/26/21), not surprising considering the upheaval everyone—including stressed shoppers—have experienced.” The most in-demand is ashwagandha, which has grown more than 160 percent.

The second trend is that cognitive support improves attention spans. “Daily life has never had more distractions, between regular duties (i.e., working, raising children, preparing food, performing household chores) and newer tasks (i.e., texts, emails, and social media),” explains SPINS. “We’re getting distracted at every moment, so it’s no shock that cognitive health supplements saw almost 40 [percent] growth YOY.” Nootropics are also gaining popularity, such as energy and mood support supplements.

The last trend is CBD for pets. CBD “launched with so much aggression that it soon oversaturated shelves and was destined to fall quickly. That decline is ongoing, with a decrease of 20 percent YOY in SNE + MULO,” according to SPINS. However, “Fortunately, there are positive signs when you begin to dig deeper. CBD-related products are performing impressively in the SPINS Pet Channel, with 24 [percent] YOY growth. With more companies adopting a hybrid workplace or switching entirely to remote work, shoppers will be spending more time with their four-legged friends—and more money on their food and overall needs.”

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