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Sponsored Content: Inventia at the Technology Forefront


By Anand Godbole, Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, Nutriventia by Inventia

Non-GMO Project

A lot has changed in 2020 in the nutraceutical industry, mainly because of the global shelter in place orders, travel restrictions, and future uncertainty, which have triggered a significant shift in the business process. The industry must indirectly address new consumer needs arising from the COVID pandemic. For example, there has been a significant increase in immune supplement sales and adjacent categories, such as stress and sleep, resulting in supply issues and service disruptions.

Inventia Healthcare Limited, a three-decade young pharmaceutical company, was built on the ethos of developing products with novel drug delivery platforms. Today, Inventia supplies ingredients to 28 countries. Its pharmaceutical plant has been U.S. FDA approved for over 10 years, along with being approved by all major global regulatory bodies. Strong technical expertise and marketing knowledge has been the key drivers of its strong growth. Its new brand, Nutriventia, provides innovative ingredient solutions through extensive technical expertise and scientific research to enable industry brands to bring various finished formulations and claims to the market.

“We realized our technology platforms are well-suited for many more applications beyond pharmaceuticals, namely in the nutraceutical and food ingredient space. With our specialized technology and the scientific research acumen, we can now offer differentiated, value-added branded ingredients through our brand Nutriventia” said Rajat Shah, Director at Nutriventia.

Nutriventia’s technology platforms allow the company to rationalize dosages, thereby making the active more effective with sound scientific backing. This approach enables Nutriventia to contribute in a small way to alleviate the burden on the already limited active natural supply. Nutriventia honestly believes in the adage – “less is more,” albeit when supplemented by their unique technology platforms.

“Our branded ingredients offer solutions based on science and technology. From market experience and working with our customers, we identify critical challenges in currently available products. We then utilize our novel delivery platforms to address formulation issues, and we develop scientific substantiation to offer unique claims to our customers. We have a clear focus on enhancing benefits for the end consumer. Like converting a product that needs to be administered 2-3 times a day to a single dose, improving taste, and creating a specific delivery system. We also achieve this by avoiding harsh excipients with a focus on using clean, diet-based excipients as much as possible,” says Shah.

“For example, TurmXTRA® supplementation results in equivalent plasma levels of curcuminoids from a dose of 250 mg compared to 1,575 mg standard turmeric extract. Now consumers can get the benefit with one single daily dose for which they initially needed 3,” she added.

Nutriventia also addresses benefits for product handling that directly impact manufacturing costs, thereby improving profitability. unstain® non-staining turmeric extract, for example, provides 95% curcuminoids like any standard turmeric extract but in a convenient and easy to use granular format. It reduces dust and the staining of production plants while manufacturing curcumin-based formulations, resulting in considerable savings in workforce time and water consumption. Hence unstain® is not only more cost-effective but also more sustainable and eco-friendly.

From the onset, Nutriventia’s goal was to create a differentiated product with TurmXTRA®. It was designed as a solution to address issues that plague currently available turmeric extract ingredients, for example, water dispersibility. Most water-dispersible ingredients have a low curcuminoid content, generally 6% – 20%; they contain more excipient than active. TurmXTRA®, on the other hand, is more concentrated with 60% curcuminoids. Another issue that the company wanted to tackle was that most water-dispersible turmeric ingredients contain synthetic, sometimes even harsh, excipients. TurmXTRA® contains only diet sourced excipients. Also, most turmeric ingredients require organic solvents in the manufacturing process. TurmXTRA® is manufactured using a solvent-free process. The most significant difference is that TurmXTRA® is a low dose, bioavailable turmeric ingredient with clinical validation demonstrating plasma bioequivalence of curcuminoids with a dose of 250mg compared to a 1,575mg dose of standard turmeric extract. From a consumer view, this means one capsule vs. three.

Nutriventia has completed preclinical research and two human pharmacokinetic studies on TurmXTRA®. They expect the ongoing randomized clinical trial study in healthy volunteers to be completed by the end of 2020, and they are in the process of planning additional clinical studies. Nutriventia’s goal is to provide customers clinical substantiation for creating timely and relevant claims.

TurmXTRA® is self-affirmed GRAS by an independent panel of experts. Also, it is Halal, and Kosher certified, manufactured under cGMP, and is backed by a Quality Management System which has been validated by numerous health regulatory authorities from around the world (e.g., USFDA, Korean FDA, MHRA, EU to name a few)”, explained Shah.

“Take the case of vitamin C, which is a highly commoditized product. By utilizing our technology, Nutriventia provides a real benefit to both the manufacturer and the consumer with our new branded ingredient C-Fence. The manufacturer saves time and money with a drum-to-hopper, sustained-release vitamin C, and the consumer is offered a convenient, superior-tested one-pill daily dose providing a steady release of vitamin C for antioxidant and immune benefits.,” notes Shah.

“A robust scientific rationale exists to support our unique product formulation,” explains Shah.

“As everyone is undoubtedly aware, vitamin C functions as a potent antioxidant due to its ability to scavenge free radicals. Free radicals and other toxins are a by-product of various body functions and aging. A continuous supply of vitamin C around the clock helps address the constant creation of free radicals and oxidative stress. Consumers also feel they must take a large dose for a better effect. However, vitamin C is quickly absorbed, distributed, and excess is excreted from the body if there is no immediate need. A specific vitamin C level is associated with homeostasis and protection, which can be achieved with C-Fence,” says Shah.

We believe that our presence and communication in this space would lead to a great deal of awareness and education that would allow the market to grow towards quality products, which would benefit the consumers. In turn, this would provoke others in the industry to invest in research and science to grow the segment further. Thus, our presence not only benefits us as an organization but helps all in the community. We believe our communications and efforts will increase the recognition of the need for a more effective vitamin C,” added Shah.

Nutriventia focuses on customer needs and welcomes individual discussions about current challenges faced by manufacturers on which they collaborate to develop a solution. Interested companies can contact Nutriventia at www.nutriventia.com or email at info@nutriventia.com.


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