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Sponsored Content: Make Label Friendly Tablets and Capsules That Your Customers Will Love!

Boost Consumer Confidence with Natural Ingredients

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With the rise of the nutritional supplement industry, people want products that are not only effective but also made from natural and recognizable ingredients. This is where manufacturers come in, aiming to produce supplements with consistent quality that meet all necessary regulations while also being easy to label for customers. If you’re a brand manager or R&D leader, you know that creating a product consumers trust is key to succeeding in this competitive market. However, there are subtle as well as stark differences that can affect consumer choice.

Label friendly ingredients are becoming a must-have and visual appearance of products such as shape, size, and color all play a significant role in distinguishing your product and gaining consumer preference.

While “clean label” has yet to be specifically defined or regulated, there are some key things to keep in mind when creating a product your customers will love. Choose ingredients that are recognizable, pronounceable, and sourced from nature. Steer clear of anything artificial or genetically modified. And don’t forget about sustainability – it’s becoming more important than ever. By using these guidelines and keeping your product looking its best, you’ll increase your chances of success in the market!

Address Development and Manufacturing Challenges

Nutritional and dietary supplement compounds often have unpleasant tastes and odors, they can be difficult to compress and sensitive to atmospheric moisture. Tableting is a cost-effective and efficient manufacturing method that results in robust, easy to coat and package tablets with a long shelf life. However, there are challenges with fragile tablet cores that break easily and shelf-life implications due to moisture and oxygen-sensitive ingredients. Manufacturers must find innovative ingredients and ensure consistent manufacturing performance to meet consumer demand for label-friendly ingredients and regulatory requirement

As a manufacturer, it’s important to find the best ingredients and coatings that meet label standards so that your nutritional products are high-quality and trusted by consumers. This not only simplifies the production process, but also speeds up time-to-market.

Ensure Good Manufacturability  

In general, a product with good manufacturability is one that can be produced using standard manufacturing processes and equipment, with minimal modifications. The core formulation should also consider the materials, tolerances, and manufacturing methods that will be used in production, to ensure that the product can be manufactured consistently and with high quality.

Starting with the tablet or capsule core, naturally derived excipients such as Nutracore®, Label Friendly Excipients provide manufacturers with the compressibility, flow and lubricity that makes tablet processing easy; and specialist excipients such as pregelatinized starches help to stabilize the core by scavenging moisture and reducing degradation of the ingredients

By using carefully selected materials from commonly used food ingredients, or approved food additives that meet regulatory requirements, it is easy to confidently support clean label claims.

Meet Performance Essentials and Consumer Preferences

tablets in handColor and finish are crucial elements to consider in tablet branding. Color enhances brand recognition by 80%, while a recognizable high-quality finish builds consumer trust.

Nutrafinish® Dietary Supplement Coatings from Colorcon provide dietary supplement manufacturers with the functional and aesthetic benefits of film coating, while addressing increasing consumer desire for non- synthetic, label friendly ingredients and exclusion of TiO2.

Manufacturers want efficient and consistent production of products while also meeting consumer preferences and regulatory standards. To achieve this, they require a reliable supplier with technical and regulatory knowledge to help develop high-quality nutritional and dietary supplements. Colorcon’s NutraSM, Natural Advantage product line offers specially formulated tablet coatings and core excipients to support the nutraceutical industry in meeting clean label demands and consumer appeal. It’s an exciting opportunity for innovation and growth!


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