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Sports Nutrition Q&A

Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition

A Sports Nutrition Mini-Q&A with Andrew Rice, Director of Product & Brand Strategy, Stratum Nutrition, Carthage, Missouri, stratumnutrition.com

Briefly, how would you describe the sports nutrition market that is emerging today, and how does it differ from the market of just a few years ago?

The sports nutrition market today is a fast-paced, highly competitive category. Through just ecommerce and social influence alone, the sports nutrition market looks much different than even 2-3 years ago. Like other categories, when highly targeted and well-informed digital/social strategies are possessed, they offer a rapidly accelerated product conception to launch process for today’s digital savvy start-up brand.

What happened to the stereotypical “sports nutrition user?” Has the target consumer changed from bodybuilders seemingly happy to chug nasty-tasting drinks and sticky chemical-laden bars to human performance hobbyists? Or something else?

Over the last decade, personal nutrition and fitness have become engrained into the lives of a much larger audience, unlike what we once knew as the stereotypical “sports nutrition user”. New diets, nutritional plans, and exercise programs seem to pop up every couple of months. Some of which come and go (P90X, Body by Jake, Beachbody, etc.), and some which have stood the test of time (CrossFit, Orange Theory, Peloton, etc.). Mainstream media has opened the opportunity for sports nutrition to not only focus on performance nutrition, but to also focus on sports nutrition that is convenient for lifestyle users.

Describe this new “lifestyle user” and the ways this user differs from the traditional sports nutrition consumer?

We currently live in a culture that pushes living a healthier lifestyle and looking physically fit (pushed predominately by “Insta Selfies”). Due to the broader customer base and increased competition, it has become necessary that the taste, options, efficacy, science, and delivery methods not only needed to evolve, but also to provide more in product variety to meet the needs of sports nutrition consumers.