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SupplySide West Returns With 27% Growth in Attendance


Produced by Informa Markets, the 26th edition of SupplySide West and Food Ingredients North America was held from Oct. 23-27 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

According to show organizers, there were more than 1,400 exhibitors, a 27 percent increase from 2022. More than 200 companies were first-time arrivals at the 2023 show and more than 44 countries were represented including Canada, Germany, China and India.

The exhibitors showcased the latest innovations in ingredients, formulation, manufacturing and packaging across numerous categories such as dietary supplements, food, beverage, personal care and animal nutrition, Informa said.

According to Informa, some of the many trends at SupplySide West are compliance, regulation, formulation and sustainability.

“There was palpable energy across the Expo Hall and conference sessions which underscored the highly valued experience that SupplySide West provides those in the nutrition industry across food, beverage and supplements categories,” said Danica Cullins, the senior vice president of SupplySide.

Across five days, show organizers hosted numerous education sessions on a variety of topics including regenerative agriculture, fermentation, supplement intake, supply chain solutions, artificial intelligence and blockchain, according to Informa.

The international supplement market has seen growth over the past decade with more than 50 percent of adults taking at least one daily supplement, show organizers said.

Jim Emme, the CEO of NOW Health Group (Bloomingdale, IL) said SupplySide West has always been a key event for NOW Foods.

“SupplySide West 2023 seemed to be very well attended, with more vendors exhibiting, providing many additional sourcing opportunities for our Quality, Purchasing and Category Management Teams,” Emme said. “The regulatory events were informative, SupplySide West once again proved to be a very productive and efficient way to support the NOW brand at one event.”

Learning Opportunities

At a Breakfast Brief titled “The Next Anti-Aging Revolution: Beyond NMN and NAD Precursors,” Gene Bruno, chief scientific officer with California-based Nutraland, discussed the benefits of the NIE New Ingredient Award-winning Miricell—a rice germ polyamine ingredient.

Bruno noted that the anti-aging market, globally, was estimated at $59.1 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach $88 billion by 2028. He said that Miricell would serve as an excellent complement to NAD+ precursors for a competitive anti-aging formulation and that the ingredient’s benefits for healthy hair are backed by two randomized studies.

In addition, Bruno noted that the intake of natural polyamines can promote the length of telomeres. He also pointed out that Miricell is an upcycled material.

At a seminar titled “A Comprehensive Look into Health and Nutrition Legal and Regulatory Landscape,” a panel of six lawyers and legal experts discussed the most pressing topics and the complex regulations of the natural products industry.

Some of the many topics from the panel included CBD and hemp regulations, kratom, intellectual property and counterfeiting. The panel emphasized how dietary supplements need to be treated differently than pharmaceuticals and that government agencies often don’t have a sufficient understanding of the industry.

On the Show Floor

Leslie J. Gallo, president, Artemis International, Inc, said, “For Artemis, though traffic was lighter than we had hoped due in part to booth location, we did have several very positive discussions and were able to present interesting delivery concepts to potential customers. The quality of our prescheduled meetings was excellent and the discussions productive. For us, the opportunity to meet with customers at the show, and with representatives from other departments that we might not otherwise get to meet, is extremely valuable.”

For Rajat Shah, Nutriventia co-founder, SupplySide West was successful. “The show was splendid for Nutriventia!” she said. “Our booth had a palpable buzz, and our innovative, science-backed ingredients garnered significant attention. Our team was busy from start to finish, which, in the world of trade shows, is a delightful “problem” to have!”

Shah added, “Every year brings its charm, but 2023 was in a league of its own. The air was thick with optimism and the prospect of a brighter, post-pandemic future. Fortunately, we saw a substantial increase in visitors to the booth which translated to a good bump in potential collaboration opportunities than last year.”

Among other products, the company showcased its science-backed, tech-driven clean ingredients for the dietary supplements market, including TurmXTRA, its award-winning joint and muscle health product.

Gallo said Artemis was promoting several items this year with an emphasis on discussing “The Craft Difference, what makes our extracts different, and the body of clinicals around our craft ingredients,” she said.

“In addition, we presented our latest clinical research supporting the prebiotic benefits of our ElderCraft, followed by the roll-out of our new blends and premix offerings.  We received very positive feedback from customers looking to have more of a one-stop solution and reduce the number of vendors they need to qualify and the number POs they issue.”

According to Bruno, Nutraland showcased both Miricell and Somato, the industry’s first whole food-derived melatonin made from tomato.

“Given the great interest in whole food-derived nutrients, Somato offers something new and exciting as an alternative to synthetic melatonin,” Bruno said.

Trend Spotting

Exhibitors found time to spot several stand-out trends at the show.

Bruno said the show was much busier than years past and there was a diverse array of attendees.

“In our experience, it was the best SSW since pre-COVID days,” Bruno said. “We experienced much more floor traffic than in more recent years. There were certainly a lot of international attendees interesting in distributing our product, often from the same country.”

Bruno said he didn’t have a lot of time to walk the show floor, but he noted a “cursory observation that the probiotic category is alive and well.”

According to Gallo, “This year there was still plenty of emphasis on gut health and probiotics, energy is top of mind with attendees asking, ‘do you have anything for energy that is not caffeine?’ and overall, a high level of interest in botanicals which is understandable since most consumers see botanicals as inherently good for you.”

“The emphasis on science-backed ingredients was more pronounced than ever,” said Shah. “Companies are diving deep into research and evidence-based formulations. Another significant trend was the gravitation toward timed-release ingredients. We are glad to see the industry keen on maximizing convenience and efficacy for consumers, ensuring that they reap the benefits of supplements at optimal times.”

The Future

SupplySide East will return to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ from April 16-17, 2024. It will feature more than 250 exhibitors. Registration is expected to open in December.

For more information and updates visit www.supplysideshow.com.