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The Age of the Microbiome

Immune Health Immune Health

Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) had the following question: Now that we are in the Age of the Microbiome, what impact has this had on research and development for immune-supportive ingredients and products?

NIE posed this question to Tom Laaman, PhD, Director of Sales for Specialty Enzymes & Probiotics, Chino, CA www.specialtyenzymes.com

Here’s what he had to say:

“With the huge success and growth of probiotics over the last decade, a tremendous increase in research on probiotics is taking place.

Not only has research began looking at the effects of probiotics on specific medical conditions, but it has evolved into determining which species and/or strains directly affect those specific conditions.

It is still early in the game, but expect to see more and more of this kind of research in the future.

Research into the fundamental relationship between the trillions of organisms in the intestinal tract and human health will no doubt have a profound effect on our understanding of immune function.”