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The Due Diligence of Aging Gracefully and Naturally

Albion Minerals®

Long before Botox and hair extensions, consumers looked to natural ways to fade away wrinkles and grow longer hair, and they are coming full circle in the 21st Century with natural ingredients and supplements.

Beauty is only skin deep, and promotes personality rather than good looks. And that’s the way it should be.

In an age when 40 is the new 20, the current generation is seeking to age more healthfully and naturally, accepting their maturity with a new attitude. Granted television commercials accentuate the negative rather than the positive, labeling fine lines and hair loss as the enemy, but a confidant viewer knows when to change the channel. With sun protection and anti-aging ingredients combined together, both women and men can protect and improve the appearance of their skin with just one application, which is especially attractive in a sagging economy.

State of the Market 

Consumers think about health and the due diligence it takes to protect the skin from so many looming environmental dangers. With the Skin Cancer Foundation estimating that one person dies of melanoma every 57 minutes, with an estimated 9,710 deaths in 2014, skincare has become a serious matter to both genders who want to live longer rather than just look younger.

“There has been a rise in the cosmeceuticals market driven by men and we’re seeing a continued trend that consumers are looking for safe, evidence- based natural products and supplements,” said Sebastian Bornet, director of global marketing at New- Jersey based Horphag Research.

WH Leong, vice president of New Jersey-based Carotech Inc., said the use of synthetic or natural vitamin E is widely used in the cosmetic and personal care industry as a protectant and preservative. “The main reason for the use of vitamin E was for its antioxidant properties in the protection of skin against the onslaught of free radicals or oxidative stress caused by chemical insult and UV rays in our daily atmosphere,” said Leong.

Bornet concurred, noting that “consumers are turning to safe and evidenced based products as a means of achieving skin and hair health from within,” adding the minerals market in North America is expected to reach $810 million by 2018.

Leong said researchers at the Malaysian Palm Oil Board had studied the photoprotective effect of palm tocotrienol/tocopherol complex and published that human volunteer skin treated with 5 percent tocotrienol complex cream followed by exposure to increasing UVB doses suffered a lesser degree of erythema (sunburn) compared to skin without the tocotrienol cream. “They have also found that palm tocotrienol/tocopherol complex inhibits photo damage even when it is applied immediately after UVB irradiation,” he added.

And safeguarding skin all-year through has become a priority for Baby Boomers, both Generation X genders and young adults. Even before signs of crow’s feet, young women—and men— are protecting their pigmentation as much as possible in the summer and winter.

“Additional double blind, placebo controlled studies showed that supplementation of 40 mg of Tocomin in combination with 2 mg astaxanthin (AstaReal) significantly improved dry skin characteristics of subjects during harsh winter months,” said Leong. “These subjects reported improved elasticity, reduced swelling under the eyes and better skin feeling after the study period. In contrast, skin conditions of placebo subjects did not improve but generally worsened by the end of the study.” 

Gaining Popularity 

Skin and hair care products are among those being included into the anti-aging range due to demands driven by rising Baby Boomers, according to Leong. With the oldest of Baby Boomers turning age 65 by the end of 2029, the market for nutraceuticals will continue to grow. “We are expecting continuous growth in this sector,” he added.

Currently valued at $122.3 billion and estimated to reach $191.7 billion by 2019, the anti-aging market is where the money is, according to the most recent Transparency Market Research report. “Cosmeceutical application has seen an enormous growth both in E.U. and Japan,” said Leong. “The U.S. market is catching up and hence provides significant growth opportunities for tocotrienols in the cosmeceutical market.” 

Another important finding, plastic surgeons at Ohio State University Medical Center conducted a clinical trial looking at the “Efficacy of Natural Vitamin E Tocotrienol on the Treatment of Surgical Scars.” 

“Preliminary results show Tocomin and Tocomin SupraBio given topically and orally in this study and demonstrated potential to effectively reduce normal, hypertrophic, or keloid scarring by mediating the inflammatory response,” said Leong.

Examining Ingredients 

According to Bornet, as consumers look to a variety of ways to utilize natural ingredients, manufacturers have made these available in both topical and oral product forms.

“We are seeing some brands embracing the synergistic behavior of a cream and dietary supplement formula used together,” said Bornet, noting that Pycnogenol, a standardized natural extract from French maritime pine bark, is widely used in topical and oral applications for various skincare indications.

“A unique combination of pharmacological functions of Pycnogenol provides an unmatched variety of health benefits for skin health and has been shown to increase collagen content within skin by 30 percent and reduce skin fatigue by 30 percent.”

Tocotrienol also amps up the antiaging game, according to Leong. He explained though very similar in structure, tocotrienol differs in that it has an unsaturated side chain compared to a saturated side chain in tocopherol.

“Due to its unsaturated side chain, tocotrienol has exhibited numerous unique and additional biological activities, which are not shown by tocopherol. As such, tocotrienol has been touted as the super vitamin E,” said Leong, adding that recent scientific publications have been fueled by the benefits of tocotrienols in cosmetic application and women’s health as a more potent form of vitamin E. “Exciting science and research are being conducted on tocotrienol for its superior protection of skin and skin aging compared to tocopherol.” 

According to Leong it is 40 to 60 times more potent than the normal alpha-tocopherol vitamin E and its preferential accumulation in the stratum corneum of the skin. “It has been gaining tremendous attention in the oral and topical cosmetic and personal care industry,” he added.

As for increasing skin’s hydration and improving elasticity Pycnogenol has been shown to bind to collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. “Pycnogenol stimulates hyaluronic acid production in human skin,” Bornet noted.

Citing a clinical trial in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, Bornet added that Pycnogenol increased hyaluronic acid in the skin of women by 44 percent after 12 weeks of supplementation. “Hyaluronic acid binds large quantities of water in the skin and in other tissues, such as cartilage,” he said. “An increased amount of hyaluronic acid explains the increased skin hydration, higher elasticity and overall smoother skin appearance.” 

Skin & Hair Innovations 

While Baby Boomers and both genders from Generation X seek to safeguard their skin with naturally, potent antioxidant property of tocotrienols, oral supplementation Tocomin SupraBio, delivers the hair growth benefit from within. “A human clinical study has recently shown that supplementation with Tocomin SupraBio promotes hair growth and increases the number of hair in individuals experiencing hair loss,” said Leong.

After an eight-month study with supplementation of Tocovid SupraBio supplied by Carotech Inc., researchers recorded a significant 95 percent of 19 volunteers, in the tocotrienol group who experienced hair growth. Eight volunteers had more than 50 percent growth, one had 25-50 percent growth, nine had 10-25 percent growth and one volunteer had less than 10 percent growth.

Be it for healthy hair or supple skin, the bottom-line is both women and men and young and old are using cosmeceuticals. No matter the amount the anti-aging market may make in the future, health is priceless, which is why millions are investing in their skin and hair. Attractiveness is not just about aesthetics anymore as much as it is about health, making it no longer painful to be beautiful.

Albion Minerals®