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The Future of Omega-3s


So what does the future of the omega-3 category look like? According to Aker BioMarine’s (Oslo, Norway) Becky Wright, “The decline in sales due to various negative studies and media exposure around these studies have presented a challenge for the marine omega-3 category.”

“To help mitigate this negativity, GOED (the Global Organization for EPA and DHA) helped form The Omega-3 Coalition with industry partners,” she added. “The group has been proactively communicating positive news and studies in an effort to help debunk myths, correct false information and tone down sensationalized headlines and stories—overall, this initiative has helped stem the sales decline tide in the category, while helping to forge more substantive relationships with journalists.”

“The future does look promising for the omega-3 category,” Wright said. “According to published data, the decline will slowly reverse itself over the course of the next five years and sales are expected to increase more than 2 percent by 2020.”

For more information, visit www.akerbiomarine.com.