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Verdure Celebrates 25 Years With Launch of First Sustainability & Global Stewardship Report

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Initially founded as Geni Herbs in 1997 by founder & CEO Ajay Patel, Verdure Sciences (Indiana) has supplied plant-based 25yrAnniLogo1ingredients to the global market for a quarter-century. Today, the company supplies clinically backed plant-based ingredients to a global market with rigorous quality, research, and sustainability efforts in place. While not much has changed at the core of its business, Verdure has adapted to the ever-evolving global landscape and is a key player in the industry.

“Throughout the pandemic, the big takeaways and messages have heavily focused on supply chain mitigation for all companies. In addition to supply chain scrutiny, sustainability, traceability and transparency have all been key points of discussion as nearly all industries have faced challenges with value chain and consistent supply,” explained Kristen Marshall, digital marketing manager at Verdure Sciences.

She added, “Building trust and providing transparent messaging for formulators and finished product manufacturers through sustainable and traceable initiatives continues to find a place in primary messages. For Verdure’s customers, supply chain security and reliable solutions, supported by transparency and traceability have provided an added layer of confidence in the extracts supplied and make the choice to partner with us an easier one.”

Verdure said it plans to continue to drive initiatives to celebrate pillars of its business, with particular commitment to science, quality control/assurance, and to the environment, people, plants and planet. “We have taken extra effort to help formulators and finished product manufacturers share these transparent messages, sustainable story-telling, and high level of traceability that is at the foundation of our corporate mission,” explained Patel.

These efforts are a part of the bigger picture to include sustainable approaches in each avenue of business. It is a key pillar for Verdure. Marshall said, “while Verdure has always held sustainability and traceability as key pillars of business, we are now sharing these messages in a more meaningful way for our customers.” She said that Verdure is sharing these messages through Verdugration and Verdure Cares, stating, “Verdugration is Verdure’s internal mission for sustainable, socially conscious, and transparent global stewardship with particular focus on the plants, ingredients, environment and processes. In addition to that, we have Verdure Cares, which is a subset of Verdugration that really focuses on sustainable partnerships, social impact, and the amazing team at Verdure. Combined, under the Verdugration umbrella, these efforts aim to make our contributions to the planet, people, and practices we employ more meaningful to our customers, but they have always been in practice.”

As Verdure continues into its milestone 25th year, celebrating a quarter-century in business, they are highlighting core business initiatives, in particular, sustainability, traceability, and transparency. Verdure has created their first Sustainability, Global Stewardship & Environmental Impact Report and is sharing these efforts throughout the remainder of the year.

“A big part of this report is to highlight and bring meaningful messages to our efforts. While we have been doing a lot ‘behind the scenes,’ so to speak; it is really challenging to summarize everything concisely. We have taken time to really define our efforts with this first report and explain how we are hoping to measure our initiatives moving forward. We don’t want this to be greenwashing, but rather impart a true change,” explained Marshall.

For more information, visit https://vs-corp.com/resources/verdure-at-25/.