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Verdure Sciences Joins Alkemist Assured Quality Transparency Initiative

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Verdure Sciences (Noblesville, IN) has joined Alkemist Labs’ (Garden Grove, CA) Alkemist Assured initiative. This year Alkemist-Assured-LogoAlkemist Labs launched Alkemist Assured, a new program based upon testing transparency and the assurance that a company is serious about confirming quality.

Verdure’s vice president, Sonya Cropper, expressed excitement for the aligned efforts toward clean label, transparent solutions for consumers. “The Alkemist Assured seal will help provide an added layer of transparency for our customers. This seal aims to bring confidence to the forefront for foundational efforts at Verdure; further confirming identity, potency and purity through an esteemed and reliable third-party. We are excited to partner in this endeavor.”

Alkemist Labs CEO Elan Sudberg applauds Verdure for engaging in true transparency and a deep commitment to stringent product testing. “I want to acknowledge your courage for being an early adopter of this program,” Elan said. “It takes sword wielding warriors like you to cut a path for others to follow into greatness.”

The Alkemist program consists of two tiers. The first tier of this transparency program, Next Generation Transparency, includes consumer-friendly certificates of analysis (COAs) for botanical testing. Companies who participate in this program and who share their testing reports with the public, are listed on the Alkemist website as Next Generation Transparency partners. The public reports must be updated a minimum of every six months to ensure they are up to date.

The second tier of the program, the Alkemist Assured seal, requires companies be part of the Next Generation Transparency reporting in addition to a regular schedule of product testing by Alkemist Labs to confirm continued product scrutiny. Companies can use the Alkemist Assured seal on their product marketing materials, websites, and sales materials to show that a product was tested by a trusted third-party lab for identity, potency and contaminants.

These efforts are a part of the bigger picture to include sustainable approaches in each avenue of business. It is a key pillar for Verdure, according to the company. Kristen Marshall, digital marketing manager with Verdure Sciences explained, “While Verdure has always held sustainability, traceability and transparency as key pillars of business, we are now sharing these messages in a more meaningful way for our customers through Verdugration and Verdure Cares.”

For more information, visit https://vs-corp.com/global-stewardship/.

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