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Vitamin Retailer’s Top 10 Stories in 2022


Another year since the pandemic has come and gone, and compared to the previous two years, Vitamin Retailer‘s (VR) top stories have involved COVID-19 far less. Rather, the topics that were most popular in 2022 involved VR awards, information and solutions about different health ailments and those the industry has lost this year. The top two stories covered the memories of Dr. Stephen Sinatra, integrative cardiologist and retailer Debra Stark, owner of Debra’s Natural Gourmet. This holiday season, may our loved ones be cherished and may those we’ve lost be remembered fondly—and may the new year bring happiness and health to all.

1. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Pioneer in Integrative Cardiology, Dies at 75  On June 22, Maryland-based Healthy Directions announced that Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a board-certified cardiologist specializing in integrative medicine, died “following a brief illness.” According to Sinatra’s Wikipedia page, he was born on Oct. 15, 1946. … read more.

2. In Memoriam: Debra Stark, Owner, Debra’s Natural Gourmet Debra Stark, owner of Debra’s Natural Gourmet located in Concord, MA, died on Monday, April 18 at the age of 75 of a heart attack at Emerson Hospital in Concord surrounded by family, according to a statement provided on the store’s website. “We believe she died aware of the love and support … read more.

3. NOW Continues Testing of Dietary Supplement Brands Sold on Amazon  NOW continued its award-winning industry self-policing program of testing unfamiliar brands found on Amazon, and the cheating continues, the company stated. The program, begun in 2017, tests high value products sold by unheard of brands on Amazon at both internal and external labs, and evaluates the results compared to label claims. … read more.

4. 2022 Retailer of the Year: Healthy Edge Retail Group  While the Healthy Edge Retail Group (HERG) has only been around a few years, two of the three banners that operate under HERG, Akin’s Natural Foods (ANF) and Chamberlin’s Natural Foods (CNF), have been open since 1935; the Earth Origins Market (EOM) banner has been serving its communities … read more.

5. Allergy Attack! First you sneeze. Then you cough. Then your eyes begin to itch and water and your nose begins to run. Welcome to spring, the season that brings us flowers and blossoming trees and green grass …. and increased pollen counts. Seasonal allergies are a major pain for the millions of … read more.

6. Cissus quadrangularis for Weight Loss, Heart Health and Metabolic Wellness Nobody wants to be overweight. Aside from the obvious self-image issues, being overweight and obese is associated with various health issues including heart heath, and increased risk for metabolic syndrome/diabetes. Nevertheless, nearly one in three adults … read more.

7. 2022 Vity Awards Vitamin Retailer (VR) magazine once again polled its retailer readers on their top-selling products and best sales and merchandising support to compile its 2022 Vity Awards. After all, who is better qualified to determine the industry’s bestselling products than the people who sell them? What started in the 1990s has evolved into one of the most … read more.

8. COVID-19 Patients Show Increased Levels of Oxidative Stress and Oxidant Damage, and Glutathione Deficiency  Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX) have investigated the effect of infection with COVID-19 on the levels of oxidative stress, oxidant damage and glutathione, the most abundant physiological antioxidant. Compared to healthy age-matched individuals whose samples were taken before the pandemic started in 2019, … read more.

9. New Hope Adjusts Policies Following Sexual Harassment Complaints at Expo West New Hope Network, the media company responsible for the annual Natural Products Expo West event, has changed its trade show policies in response to complaints of sexual harassment at the event, which took place March 8-12 in Anaheim, CA. Mariam Elghani, founder of Mariam’s Garlic Goddess, which exhibited at the trade show, stated in a post on Linkedin … read more.

10. California Assembly Votes to Restrict Access to SupplementsThe California Assembly on January 27 passed legislation by a vote of 44-12 that would place age restrictions on nutritional supplements and impose costly burdens on small businesses. The bill will now go through the committee process in the California Senate. The Natural Products Association (NPA) warns that the bill will lead to … read more.

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