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Alkemist Labs Wins Two TINYawards

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Alkemist Labs (Garden Grove, CA) has received two TINYawards, confirming that the company is listening to its employees and creating a healthy, happy work environment.

The TINYawards are an annual, global award to recognize organizations putting forth the time and effort to invest in people-first Wins - Professional Consulting Servicescultures. Winners are chosen based upon data collected anonymously from staff through the TINYpulse program, an anonymous employee survey tool designed to increase communication and transparency, measure and improve culture, and reduce company turnover. Alkemist Labs has been using TINYpulse for the last three years, and proudly displays the latest Happiness score on the company culture page of the website.

“Given what organizations around the world went through 2020, the 2020 TINYawards are especially meaningful in that they showcase and honor the companies who made the best of a challenging year,” said Marvin Roca Jr. of TINYpulse. “The 2020 winners didn’t shy away from addressing problems at hand. Rather, they leaned into them, listened to, and recognized their employees resulting in some of the happiest and most engaged teams in the world.”

Alkemist Labs received a Happiest Award, indicating employees of Alkemist Labs have the highest average happiness scores in the Professional Consulting Services category and a Wins Award, which shows Alkemist Labs posted the most Wins in the category for listening to employees’ feedback and making changes to constantly monitor and enrich workplace culture.

Recognition - Professional Consulting ServicesFrom the earliest days of Alkemist Labs, work/life balance with emphasis on quality of life has been built into the company. “Before our children were born, my wife worked for fortune 500 companies,” said Alkemist Labs CEO Elan Sudberg. “While the pay and benefits were excellent, all she did was work, and there was absolutely no work/life balance.”

From the beginning, Sudberg was determined that his people would not experience that kind of environment, nor would their partners. “I not only want my team to be happy, but I want their teams (husband, wife, partner, offspring, siblings, parents, dogs …) to be happy. So, as we grew and matured and built our team, culture remained a priority. I’d love to see more companies in our industry pay attention to internal culture and employee satisfaction and share their successes.”

For more information, visit www.alkemist.com.

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