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Can Stem Cell Treatment Help Those Suffering From Arthritis?

Pain & Inflammation Pain & Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are frequently caused by a form of arthritis. In the past, dealing with arthritis meant learning to live with the pain, no matter how uncomfortable one got. New therapies, treatments and supplements available today, however, provide new hope for those suffering from arthritis and other pain and inflammation issues.

One new field of study is that of stem cell treatment for use in arthritis. While using stem cells from early embryos is rife with ethical issues, the transplantation of an adult’s own stem cell is an area that is gaining traction.

How does it work?

In this treatment, stem cells are isolated and harvested from either bone marrow or fat pads in the body. These are then inserted into the area of the body being treated. An article titled, “Does Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis Work?” by Liji Thomas, MD, stated, “A couple of early stem cell studies have shown limited success in cartilage or bone regrowth, which is the only outcome that could potentially cure arthritis.”

The author goes on to point out that there are many downsides to this treatment. She also noted that clinical trials have overall not yielded better results than a placebo for most patients. Still, with new technology and further research, it could be that adult stem cell transplantation will become a successful treatment in the future.