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Care to Take a Spin?

Plant-based and Vegan Ingredients Plant-based and Vegan Ingredients

Any experienced baker knows the power of the sifter. Used to remove clumps of flour, baking soda, or other dry ingredients in a recipe, a sifter keeps out what isn’t wanted while letting through what is.

The same can be said for the GS Centrifugal Sifter. Produced by the equipment manufacturer, Gericke, this powerful machine is especially beneficial to plant-based and vegan manufacturers. Why? It provides uniform particle size, so that meat-free products closely mimic their meat-based cousins.

Improving efficiency and maximizing profitability are two of the greatest benefits of using the GS Centrifugal Sifter, according to the company. Its rotary sieve design uses less power, is quieter, and is more efficient than flat deck sieves. It is available in a variety of sizes and can have different finishes applied.

The GS Centrifugal Sifter has three main applications: particle separation, safety sifting and conditioning. Particle separation results in products being diverted into two sizes, typically within the range of 40 µm to 5 mm, according to the manufacturer’s website. Safety sifting removes foreign parts and materials while conditioning separates foreign bodies and prepares the bulk product before production or packing.