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“MicroWarriors” Documentary Zooms in on Probiotic Health

Montana-based Stratum Nutrition, a natural ingredient specialty health supplier with more than 30 years of understanding their ingredients health benefits, has announced their partnership with Health Point Productions for their support in the “MicroWarriors: Special Edition” documentary, which dedicates a segment of the film to probiotics and oral health. Their sponsorship for the film helps to raise awareness of both the film and the benefits of probiotics.

“The Oral Health Segment is one of the main highlights for the film, showcasing a new angle for probiotic education toward consumers and physicians alike,” said David Knight, producer, Health Point Productions.

The documentary, featuring Leonard Nimoy as narrator, will educate consumers and address the discovery and development of BLIS K12, Stratum Nutrition’s probiotic that starts working in its natural habitat, the oral cavity, and promotes oral and immune health. John Tagg, founder and scientist with BLIS and microbiologist at the University of Otago in New Zealand, explains the number of scientific findings and benefits of supplementing with probiotics within the documentary.

“MicroWarriors: Special Edition” that will be released this year. For more information, visit www.microwarriorsmovie.com.