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Micah Osborne, President, Stratum Nutrition

Albion Minerals®
Micah Osborne, President

Micah Osborne, President

Stratum Nutrition
2213 Missouri Ave.
Carthage, MO 64836
Phone: (800) 970-4479

Stratum Nutrition, a business of ESM Technologies, LLC, is a trusted ingredient innovator and supplier to product formulators for human and pet health. Stratum offers a portfolio of research-supported ingredients and technology that stand out in their respective health categories as being progressive, safe and effective, including NEM brand eggshell membrane, Eggshell Membrane Collagen Support Complex, LBiome Lactobacillus LB postbiotic, Ahiflower, BLIS K12, BLIS M18, VitaSperse ingredient delivery technology, NatAxtin astaxanthin, Curcumin 95, curQplus, and ESC brand eggshell calcium. These trusted ingredients are relied upon by consumers internationally.

Micah Osborne began his career in the nutrition industry in 2003, when he decided to join his grandfather in the family business. In 2007, Osborne took over the role as president of ESM Technologies, the manufacturer of eggshell calcium and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients, ESC and NEM. Osborne was elevated to president of Stratum Nutrition in 2017 with the consolidation of Stratum Nutrition and ESM Technologies under the Stratum Nutrition brand. Osborne is also an active board member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

NIE: Please explain the company’s 5-Point New Product Launch process.

Osborne: We pride ourselves on being proactive and understanding our growth relies on the relationships we build. Another way we help equip our partners for success is through our 5-Point New Product Launch Process, which provides them with a research-backed, highly effective, unique ingredient that can possess a unique formulation, market-ready approach and profitable outcome.

Our 5-Point New Product Process clearly outlines our partnership with our brands:

1. Efficacy: Generate and present undeniable evidence of efficacy for their finished product brand.

2. Quality: Understand and communicate quality assurance measures by providing high quality, highly effective, unique ingredients.

3. Compliance: Easily access the verification of proper certifications, declarations and/or registrations that are critical when beginning a relationship with any ingredient manufacturer.

4. Story: Collaborate with us on ideas for balancing product science and efficacy education with a brand story that connects with your target consumer’s perceived value and purchasing behaviors.

5. Demand: Leverage our expertise in understanding new product, consumer, and health-benefit categories based on demand and revenue potential.

NIE: Stratum Nutrition recently extended its patent portfolio to Europe and Canada. What does this mean for the company?

Osborne: Our flagship ingredient, NEM, is our core ingredient. With a large focus on science, we’ve been able to extend our NEM portfolio to about 30 countries and we continue to see it grow.

We are pleased to have received Notices of Allowance for two different patents in two geographic regions. One of the patents, “Methods for Treating NF-kB Dysregulation in a Host in Need Thereof Using Eggshell Membrane Compositions” was first issued in the U.S. in 2019 (US 10,328,104) and has recently been allowed by the European Patent Office. This invention deals with a whole host of conditions related to NF-kB dysregulation including: pulmonary, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and nervous system.

The other patent, “Method for Evaluating Articular Joint Therapeutics” was first issued in the U.S. in 2018 (US 9,983,214) and has recently been allowed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. This invention deals with a clinical trial design using the cartilage degradation biomarker CTX-II to evaluate articular joint therapeutics for chondroprotective efficacy. Both patents are still pending in multiple additional jurisdictions.

The long-term scientific efforts by Stratum to increase global acceptance of NEM as a joint health ingredient, which is fundamental for the health and well-being of the global population, continues. NEM’s exponential success of country-by-country approval clearly demonstrates the scientific validation of its function and results. Governmental agencies require statistically significant science to grant approvals—NEM provides this and continues to gain regulatory acceptance everywhere it enters a market.

NEM is one of the few joint health ingredients, and the only eggshell membrane ingredient that is supported by a full portfolio of 16 research studies, including: four randomized placebo-controlled trials (two of which are healthy person trials); four open label clinical trials (three of which were conducted independently); veterinary trials, including one canine RCT; and a wide range of supporting in-vitro and in-vivo mechanism of action studies. In addition to subjective endpoints like joint pain and stiffness, recent clinical trials have included objective endpoints via the CTX-II cartilage degradation biomarker, giving the results additional credibility and substantiation.

NIE: Giving back has proved to be important to the company. Please describe some of Stratum Nutrition’s initiatives.

Osborne: Over the years, I’ve had the honor of being on the CRN’s board. In 2021, the Board of Directors created the Nutrition Access Task Force to help improve access to nutrition and nutrition education for at-risk populations. Many companies are already doing great things by volunteering their time and resources to organizations. I help lead this task force to help educate our industry of the need many have in accessing nutrition, to share stories of the good many companies are doing, and to connect our industry with groups that are doing good works, such as Vitamin Angels, Feeding America and Convoy of Hope.

In addition, Stratum Nutrition is partnering with customers like Doctor’s Best to provide multivitamins to local food pantries. It is important for our local community to be able to have access to products like multivitamins to ensure good nutrition along with quantity of food.