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Nathan Cox, Chief Business Officer, Lief Raws

Nathan Cox, Chief Business Officer, Lief Raws Nathan Cox, Chief Business Officer, Lief Raws

Lief Raws
28903 Avenue Paine
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone: (661) 568-6393
Website: https://liefraws.com/

Lief Raws is a quality-driven and science-focused performance ingredient supplier providing forward-thinking ingredients to the continuously adapting market. The company works with its partners every step of the way, including during product formulation, scientific education, marketing and ideation development, as well as with sales and distribution services. Lief Raws builds partnerships and establish trust with its customers by devoting its efforts toward customer service, quality and collaborative innovation.

Nathan Cox’s passion for health and fitness started early in life while he was in the fire academy. It was there where he learned the importance of proper supplementation and how it can help maximize training results. After completing his bachelor’s degree in communications advertising from California State Fullerton, he started to build industry experience working in sales for various pharma and manufacturing companies.

Cox quickly discovered that his interests went beyond sales. He wanted to learn how to build and expand a company through business development and innovation, which ultimately led him to Lief. Cox will continue his education in the industry so he can be the best asset to Lief’s loyal brands, believing that as Lief’s customers succeed, Lief does too.

NIE: Lief Raws recently launched as Lief Labs’ nutraceutical ingredient supplier division. What was the motivation behind the launch?

Cox: Lief Labs was very excited to officially launch Lief Raws in February of 2022, as we saw strategic opportunities to fill gaps and identify pivot points in the raw materials space. These catalysts drove us to develop Lief Raws as a quality-driven and science-focused performance ingredient supplier division to deliver forward-thinking raw materials, ingredients and innovative delivery formats to the nutraceuticals market to better meet the needs of our customers, vendors and end-consumers. Lief Raws also provides sales and distribution services and a range of full-service capabilities to its partners, including product formulation, scientific education, marketing and ideation development.

Listening to and understanding the evolving needs of our partners is critical and has really informed our process of developing the premium products available through Lief Raws, which include innovative, in-house developed ingredients, as well as highly selective specialty ingredients through our collaborative partnerships with quality brands. This all led to the core line-up of specialty ingredients currently available through Lief Raws, which includes Biozomal Caffeine, CeleVida Celery Powder, CellFlo6 Green Tea Extract, flolí Organic Rice-based Excipient Blend, Kocha Bucha Kombucha Powder and oatzi Oatmilk Powder.

NIE: What is Lief Evolutions?

Cox: Lief Evolutions is an expansion of Lief Raws’ offerings where we offer innovative product formats, including functionality and experiential technologies. This innovative approach through Lief Evolutions enables us to present custom formulations that include specific active ingredients designed to enable Lief Raws’ customers to gain an edge and have novel points of differentiation in the marketplace.

NIE: The company utilizes Biozomal liposomal technology. What are its benefits?

Cox: Biozomal is a liposomal technology that uses well-aligned specific carriers (SC) to retain the core structure of the liposomal bilayer. By weaving within the liposomes, they become sturdier and highly crystalline with outstanding thermal stability. These specific carriers help effectively encapsulate the bioactive molecules to deliver a stable liposomal product. Biozomal can be applied to a range of ingredients, such as caffeine, zinc, vitamin C and iron, to name a few.

An example of this application in our current Lief Raws product line is Biozomal Caffeine, which utilizes liposomal technology to provide a controlled and sustained release of caffeine from green coffee bean. In certain extraction processes and formats, caffeine from green coffee bean can experience complications, specifically with its bioavailability, stability and biotransformation. Through Lief Raws’ liposomal technology, Biozomal Caffeine can overcome these limitations.

NIE: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Cox: At Lief Raws, we are always looking for innovative branded ingredients that are backed by clinical science. We are also constantly looking at where the industry is headed to stay ahead of the curve in the nutraceuticals market, so we can identify and utilize trending ingredients and develop them into unique blends.