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Sponsored Video: TurmXTRA – a clear differentiation in a crowded space

Dr. Shefali Thanawala, Deputy General Manager (Medical Affairs) for India-based Nutriventia, provides an overview of TurmXTRA, turmeric extract, during an interview on Late Night Health with Mark Alyn.

TurmXTRA, an enhanced turmeric extract, is a clear differentiation in a crowded space. Nutriventia has observed while all companies were talking about bioavailability, none were offering a reduced dosage, thus even highly bioavailable ingredients needed to be split between multiple doses. By applying the technology platforms of Inventia Healthcare, parent company of Nutriventia, the company has created TurmXTRA with a significant curcuminoid content of 60% and has been validated with two  human pharmacokinetic studies shown to achieve the same plasma levels of 1575 mg of curcuminoids with just 250 mg of TurmXTRA.

With rich proficiency in translating the wisdom of Ayurveda and natural products in today’s context, Dr. Shefali Thanawala contributes to design and conceptualization of value-added nutraceutical products through identification of the therapeutic actives in medicinal herbs. She has spearheaded clinical research projects for clinical validation of these products, including TurmXTRA.

Over the last 30-plus years, Inventia Healthcare has been developing and applying various technology platforms in the pharmaceutical space to create generic-plus products as cost effective alternatives to provide health benefits to customers. As the company has gained expertise, they realized their technology platforms are well-suited for many more applications beyond pharmaceuticals, namely in the nutraceutical and food ingredient categories. Their analysis of the nutraceutical market led to focusing their activity during the past three years to develop value added nutraceutical and food ingredients. With a combination of specialized technologies, scientific research, and market knowledge, Inventia now offers differentiated, value-added, branded ingredients suitable for a variety of applications including tablets, capsules, gummies, gums, beverage powders and more.

While quality remains best in class, Inventia understands the differences in nutraceutical science protocols, go-to-market strategy, and communication process as well as the customer base so they created a separate identity within Inventia, a family brand called Nutriventia. Nutriventia is focused on nutrition by bringing nature and science together for the benefit of both the customer and consumer.

For more information and ingredient ordering visit www.nutriventia.com.

Email: nutra@inventiahealthcare.com

Unit 703 – 704, 7th Floor, Hubtown Solaris, N.S. Phadke Marg, Andheri (East)
Mumbai – 400069,
Maharashtra (India)


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