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Stevia’s Bitterness Removed Using New All Natural Process

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An all-natural process developed to remove the bitter metallic aftertaste from the plant-based sweetener stevia was announced by MycoTechnology, Inc. at the SupplySide West convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The new process, MycoZyme, uses a mushroom-based enzymatic method to yield a pleasant-tasting, zero calorie sweetener, reported MycoZyme, noting unlike past stevia-based products, this sweetener has 250 to 300 times the sweetness of sugar with no metallic aftertaste. It works by harnessing the natural enzymes found in gourmet mushrooms that break down the bitter compounds found in the stevia plant.

According to Alan Hahn, CEO and founder of MycoTechnology, “previously, food companies and consumers have had to compromise flavor for calories. With MycoZyme processed stevia, you now don’t have to make that compromise.”

Artificial sweeteners have been on a decline in recent years as health conscious consumers seek all natural products, reported the company, adding stevia is a sugar substitute made from the leaves of the stevia rebaudiana plant. It was first used in Japan in food products and soft drinks, including Coco-Cola. It is now available worldwide and is recognized as a safe alternative to sugar.

MycoTechnology’s other mushroom-based process, MycoSmooth, removes bitterness from denser foods such as coffee and chocolate and the improved foods contain no chemicals or artificial ingredients and have health benefits not found in the non-improved counterparts, reported the company.

For more more information, visit www.mycotechcorp.com. 

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