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Vishal Shah, Director, Nutriventia

Vishal Shah Vishal Shah

Nutriventia Limited
Unit no. 703 & 704, 7th Fl.
Hubtown Solaris, N. S. Phadke Marg,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400069, India
Phone: +91 22 22 67163000

Nutriventia, Inventia Healthcare’s health and wellness brand, is at the cusp of science and nature. The company’s journey at Inventia began almost four decades ago, when two scientists with deep-rooted knowledge in medical sciences ventured out to develop solutions to optimize generic products, becoming the pioneers of NDDS products in India. Today, Inventia is the preferred global partner to multinational and Indian transnational companies.

At Nutriventia, the company specializes in providing nutrition and health solutions through innovative technology and strong customer focus. Nutriventia understands that each need is different and is committed to creating exceptional products, keeping its customers front and center.

Vishal Shah, director for Nutriventia, a brand of Inventia Healthcare Limited, uses his vast experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry to lead Nutriventia, the dietary supplements and food ingredients brand at Inventia Healthcare Limited based in Mumbai, India. He is passionate about solving problems inherent in ingredients by applying technology platforms that make it easier to deliver and enhance natural products. At Inventia, Shah is the member of the board and oversees the entire operation, including manufacturing and the supply chain of the pharma Oral Solid Dosage business. He draws synergies in manufacturing excellence initiatives, quality systems and supply chain best practices between pharmaceutical and nutraceutical verticals. Vishal holds a degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Texas and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

NIE: Please discuss Nutriventia’s patented platforms. What are they and how were they developed?

Shah: Among our many accomplishments in over four decades of experience, our focus areas are:

1) Technology platforms and
2) Product quality

Nature has provided us with a plentitude of health and wellness solutions, and through our diet-based technologies, we enable these wonderful botanicals and other nutraceuticals to be incorporated into multiple delivery systems such that consumers get the best out of what nature offers. Our technology platforms include:

1. Dispersible Solutions, instant and uniform dispersions with higher solubility and bioavailability. A great example is TurmXTRA, a high concentration enhanced turmeric extract clinically substantiated for musculoskeletal health at a low 250 mg input in a healthy human population.

2. Taste Masking without the sugar to turn bitter or unpleasant bioactives into unflavored, unsweetened, and neutral tasting ingredients. We have a neutral-tasting EGCG, boswellia and minerals.

3. Powdered Liquids, which is a process of conversion of liquids to powders with a high active content. We have Sumbia which is a high content MCT oil powder.

4. Modified Release including quick, controlled and site-specific release. We offer a number of brands with this technology, including CaffXtend (caffeine), Melotime (melatonin) and C-Fence (vitamin C DC).

5. Gum Granules, ready to compress chewing gum granules usable on standard tableting equipment. We have turmeric and ginger extract gum granules readily available.

We have remodeled our proprietary Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) based on decades of experience and expertise in improving pharmaceutical generic products into avenues to apply the same technologies into a natural, diet-based platform using best-in-class and high active content natural products. And we couple this with differentiated claims based on clinical research in healthy human subjects.

Our goal is to create value for our customer base with their consumers, thereby enabling formulators to differentiate their products in their competitive landscape while delivering foreseeable benefits for consumers. Personally, we are passionate about technology and nature-based therapy and marrying the two was a natural priority for us.

NIE: A recent study, published in Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications, found that TurmXTRA 60N is beneficial for joints. How are studies like this beneficial for the company?

Shah: TurmXTRA is supported by a complete clinical package including preclinical and human clinical studies in healthy individuals. Our clinical studies are also designed to validate the benefit to formulators and consumers in the form of a convenient small dose. We specifically chose healthy individuals since our industry’s target market is for healthy individuals and the study done on a disease population cannot be extrapolated to healthy subjects.

Through our complete clinical package for TurmXTRA in healthy human subjects:

• We have established bioequivalence (equivalent levels of curcuminoids in plasma) of 250 mg TurmXTRA against 1,575 mg turmeric extract 95 percent

• We saw statistically significant improvement in key joint health parameters, joint comfort and joint mobility in healthy human subjects from a RDBPC study

• We followed it with a subsequent RDBPC study to evaluate impact on DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness). Our results conclusively established that subjects on TurmXTRA:

o Demonstrated lower levels of soreness
o Faster recovery and return to pre-exercise levels
o The levels of the biomarker LDH measured corresponded to the overall recovery experience by the subject.

• This complete clinical package clearly establishes TurmXTRA as an ingredient of choice for all-round musculoskeletal support at a small 250 mg/day dose.

Additionally, TurmXTRA has self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) notified claims. It is our plan to ensure our customers continue to have consistent support through newer clinical validation to keep their claims relevant and products up to date with the times.

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