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Guy Woodman, General Manager, Euromed USA, Inc.

Guy Woodman Guy Woodman

Euromed USA, Inc.
80 Emerson Ln., Ste. 1304A
Bridgeville, PA 15017
Phone: (412) 279-8808
Website: www.euromedusa.com

Founded in 1971 by the German pharmaceutical company Madaus AG, Euromed S.A., now a division of the Dermapharm Group, is a leading producer of standardized herbal extracts and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of botanical origin for the international pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industry.

Guy Woodman is a natural product industry veteran and has been the general manager at Euromed USA, Inc. for five years. Previously, he held management positions with East Earth Herb, InterHealth Nutraceuticals and Natural Organics Inc.

NIE: This year marks Euromed’s 50th anniversary. What are some of the company’s achievements over the last 50 years?

Woodman: The history of Euromed dates to 1919, when its German parent company, Madaus AG, was founded in the river port city of Cologne. The pharmaceutical firm, Madaus, was a pioneer in the development of plant based therapeutic remedies. In 1971, Madaus established Euromed, its ingredient manufacturing division, in Barcelona, Spain. Madaus was groundbreaking in many phytomedicinal discoveries. The most significant was being the first company to isolate silymarin from milk thistle seeds, an important accomplishment for those afflicted with liver health problems.

Some of our Euromed’s notable events in its corporate evolution include:

• Manufacturing the first standardized milk thistle extract for use in the world’s leading registered phytomedicinal product in 1971.

• Incorporating Euromed USA, Inc. in 1995, its first North American corporate headquarters.

• Establishing a processing and procurement facility for saw palmetto fruit in central Florida in 2004 and financially supporting the conservation group, The Everglades Foundation in 2012.

• Introducing the Phyto-Proof seal of quality for herbal supplement labels in 2015, a guarantee of ingredient identity, potency and purity.

• Acquiring Probelte Biotechnologies manufacturing and laboratory facilities in Murcia, Spain in 2017 for pomegranate and olive fruit extract production.

• Inaugurating an innovation and research facility and a technologically advanced laboratory in 2018 in Mollet Del Valles, Barcelona, Spain.

• Introducing a portfolio of Spanish fruit and vegetable extracts in 2018 to help consumers benefit from following a nutrition plan based on the Mediterranean diet.

• Launching Earth Harmony Organic Extracts in 2019, the highest level of traceable and sustainable herbal ingredients.

NIE: In 2020, Euromed launched Earth Harmony Organic Extracts. What was the company’s motivation behind the launch?

Woodman: Transparency was the No. 1 consumer trend in 2021 by Innova Market Insights followed by sustainability and clean label. Consumers are increasingly seeking out organic certified dietary supplements that provide assurance of guaranteed traceability and sustainability of ingredients used in products they purchase.

Earth Harmony Organic Extracts are manufactured under the highest standard of organic certification, European Union (E.U.) EEC834/2007. All Euromed organic shipments from its two production facilities in Spain to the U.S. are accompanied by a US National Organic Program (NOP) Import Certificate. This designates that its Earth Harmony Organic Extracts may be used in food and dietary supplements available in the U.S. that are labeled as organic.

NIE: The environment and sustainability seem to be important to the company. What are some of the practices Euromed has implemented?

Woodman: Euromed has implemented a “Green Initiative” and is constantly striving to minimize its environmental impact. Our current corporate goals are to reduce its use of plastics, decrease water consumption, reduce its nitrogen consumption, improve the efficiency of energy usage, and decrease its biomass residue. Both of Euromed’s extraction facilities in Mollet Del Valles (since 2012) and Molina De Segura, Spain are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management.

The two extraction facilities in Spain are organic certified as well as our saw palmetto fruit processing facility in central Florida. Our goal is to reduce the use of agricultural chemicals and nitrogen containing fertilizers by farmers, through advocating cultivation and harvesting practices avoiding the use of these substances.

NIE: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Woodman: Euromed gives the highest priority to the health and wellbeing of its employees, valued customers and service providers. We have been working diligently to respond to the challenges presented by the global pandemic. Our corporate group has followed recommendations by national and regional governmental authorities and implementing corporate practices to try and mitigate its impact with careful planning and extreme diligence. Euromed is an essential business and supplier for European medicinal product manufacturers. Its factories have operated uninterruptedly since the pandemic onset as a GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We maintain a maximum standard of cleanliness and sterility in our warehouses, extraction facilities and laboratories.

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