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Michael Poleselli, President of Vivion, Inc.

Albion Minerals®

Vivion, Inc.
929 Bransten Rd.
San Carlos, CA 94070
Toll Free: (800) 479-0997
Phone: (650) 595-3600
Fax: (650) 595-2094

Vivion Inc. was founded in 1957 by Edward Poleselli and more than 60 years later the company is following his founding principles of providing its customers with high-quality ingredients and exceptional service.

Today, under the leadership of Michael Poleselli, Vivion specializes in providing quality ingredients for the nutritional, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, cosmetics, personal care, agricultural and industrial markets and have products for nearly every application.

With distribution centers located throughout the West Coast, Vivion is able to deliver products where its customers need them, when they need them. The company’s core values are the principles that guide each and every decision it makes. Vivion is committed to providing stellar service through every interaction with its customers, business partners and one another.

Michael Poleselli graduated from Cal State Hayward with a business degree with an emphasis in marketing. He has been involved in the chemical industry for 35-plus years working in all aspects of the business. From the warehouse to the presidency of Vivion, Inc. Poleselli has been a member of the IFT and SCC for many years and is a continual student of new and innovative products and ideas. He was also instrumental in Vivion joining the NACD.

NIE: Please explain what VivAssure is.

Poleselli: In today’s everchanging environment, consumers want to know that they are buying products that are pure and clean from contaminants and other harmful pesticides. It is for this reason that we developed VivAssure, our proprietary testing process and methodology which rigorously screens product ingredients for more than 950 pesticides and contaminants, 24 heavy metals and a variety of microbial organisms, providing a detailed certificate of analysis.

Each VivAssure product is purity validated and tested. Our innovative product development process looks at the overall concept, functionality and product benefits. This proprietary approach allows us to take the guesswork and worry out product and category formulating.

NIE: What is The Documentation Library and what benefits does it offer?

Poleselli: Vivion, as an industry leader, strives to provide superior customer service and places high priority on your requests for product information. Due to the large number of requests we receive for technical, quality, safety and regulatory data, we have assembled a comprehensive documentation packet (“V” Documentation) to address your needs, including our standardized SIRM Audit form.

Our “V” Documentation Library contains dozens of comprehensive information packets for products and ingredients within the Vivion, Inc. portfolio.

NIE: Vivion is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). Why was it important for the company to become a member?

Poleselli: Vivion, Inc became a member of NACD because of the importance responsible distribution brings to the industry. We felt it was very important for our organization to join the NACD so that we can bring some consistency and safety to the ingredient distribution business. If we are all following the same codes, then it is likely there will be fewer accidents and regulatory problems. Every three years we have a third-party audit our facility and records to make sure we are following the responsible distribution codes. This is much like an ISO certification. By having passed all our audits with flying colors, it gives our customers and our suppliers the knowledge that they are dealing with a distributor that will handle their products appropriately. The basic premise of NACD is for all their members to handle the variety of chemicals properly from cradle to grave. One of the benefits of being a member is knowing that your competitors are all dealing with similar issues and being able to reach out to them and ask how they dealt with, as an example, a particular regulatory issue is very beneficial because you don’t have to recreate the wheel.

NIE: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Poleselli: Our leadership is always coming up with new ideas and concepts that will improve the industry and create awareness. As the market changed for documentation, Vivion was the first to create document packets for our products for our customers benefits. These packets included every document a manufacturer could think of and then some they didn’t think about. As more documents were required, we added those to the packet (“V” Documentation Library). Very few of our competitors have the same type of packet and if they do, it is because they followed our lead—which we were happy to see. A number of years ago, Vivion invested in an FTIR to test the identity of the products they brought in. To our knowledge, we were the only distributor doing this. The goal was to give our customers extra protection knowing they were getting what they were supposed to be getting. Several years ago, we created a testing protocol called VivAssure. We wanted to give our customers added protection for the products we sold to them. We tested for 950 contaminants, 24 heavy metals, and a full micro panel—all with actual results. Recently we created Pure Alliance with a couple industry partners that would use our VivAssure technology to help develop less expensive insurance and better safety of finished products in the nutritional and food industries.

Vivion, Inc. has been a forward-thinking company that is always trying to improve the industries we serve. Our goal is to create value for our customers and make sure they are getting the best service and the best quality product by keeping the industry safe and sustainable.